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What video will you flip first on the new TED-Ed website?

ed.ted.com launched today, and it's absolutely incredible. Watch the tour video, and flip one of TED-Ed's featured lessons or make your own from any video on YouTube.


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    Apr 25 2012: I have no idea what's the meaning of "flip one of TED-Ed's featured lessons".
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      Apr 25 2012: T!! You should totally check out the website. There is a tour video, and it explains the new TED-Ed process. It's really fun (and addictive).
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      Apr 25 2012: Here's the tour video, just in case: http://ed.ted.com/tour
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        Apr 26 2012: OK. I got it. The explanation is in the link above http://ed.ted.com/tour

        What does “Flip This Lesson” mean? "Flipping" a video allows you to turn a video into a customized lesson that can be assigned to students or shared more widely. You can add context, questions, and follow-up suggestions to any video on TED-Ed or YouTube.

        For one thing, English teachers and students will find this tool very useful.
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          Apr 26 2012: Right! We're hoping that teachers and students in every discipline will find this tool useful. It will be nice to share lessons from one part of the world with people in different parts of the world. This is going to be a great experiment, and one that we hope changes the way people think about education. :) Also, I am excited to see how translations are going to fit into this initiative. Woohoo! We love the TED Translators...
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    Apr 25 2012: I think the first video I'd want to flip and share would be "How Pandemics Spread" - i want to see what my germophobe friends make it of it. hhaha! No, but seriously - its one of those ones that makes us see how small our world is and how we all impact one another.
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    Apr 25 2012: questions no one knows the answers to!!
  • May 2 2012: My first video to flip was the atom one, but this is next--perfect to start off our month of MARE studies. Thank you for these resources!
  • Apr 30 2012: Not sure- but how about taking advantage of the group think possibility and making flipped lessons available to other people? Study Blue does this with notecards (you can view other notecards people have made on the topic you are studying and incorporate them into your own stack of cards). Being able to look at how other educators have flipped a lesson to use in their classrooms and to be able to choose from what is already done rather than start from scratch each flipped lesson would be a truly powerful feature.
  • Apr 30 2012: I am avaliable for chat after 10 am on Tuesday(5/1/12) and Wednesday.
  • Apr 30 2012: Yep--TED might yet help start the revolution toward engaging education!
  • Apr 30 2012: Great, thanks!
  • Apr 30 2012: Educational fair use is heavily relied upon by educators and sometimes the use does not fall within the actual copyright exception. Since I practice and teach copyright, I want to make sure I do not step on anyone's rights. Thanks!
  • Apr 29 2012: Tried to flip a video lesson but can not get link to work. Keeps asking for me to sign in and does not recognize my password. But I am signed in when I click the link to begin to flip a video lesson. I teach High School Algebra2/Trig and Precalculus. I make video lessons at home with my MacBook and put them on youtube for my students to access them. Really want to be able to use the Ted-Ed tools to add more features to my video lessons. My youtube channel is clubvt.
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      Apr 30 2012: Hey, Linda! I am going to ask our web specialist to help me figure out what's going on. Somebody will be back with you shortly. I'm sorry you're having difficulties, but I am sure we can help you figure it out...

      Have a great day!
  • Apr 29 2012: Jordon, No problem. I love all things TED and have suggested TED videos that go with every major paper assignment in the first-year writing program I created. I also use TED videos in classes in which I teach secondary English Education majors, and they are starting to use TED videos in their classes too. My dream job would be to create curriculum from TED videos and itunes!
  • Apr 28 2012: Hi. In the paragraph above the word 'form' should be 'from.' Hope somebody who works on the website reads these things.
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    Apr 28 2012: My grandson is extatic that we will be working on a sicence project together by "Fliping" "How simple ideas lead to scientific discoveries". TED-ED is a new way for my grandchildren and I to bond. Thanks.
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    Apr 27 2012: I flipped the Leslie Dodson video on Research and Reporting Ethics to support a class I'm teaching called Web 2.0 and Collaborative Research. Our final project is an awareness raising video on a topic related to Africa. The students have chosen Conflict Minerals, but the Dodson video helped us realize that our "ethics of seeing" needed to ensure we weren't promoting stereotypes. The sound on the video was a problem and we had to switch back and forth between Ted Ed and YouTube to be able to hear her presentation. Some students found it very engaging, others were very apathetic. Like all education tools, if they're not interested (and they still take classes they're not really interested in) it can be hard to motivate them to participate.
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      Apr 28 2012: Thank you for flipping the video, Cecile. I love Leslie Dodson. :)

      I am going to have our web specialist, Bedirhan Cinar (he's a super genius), look into the sound issue. Sorry about that inconvenience. Keep us posted about any other issues you may come across.

      Thank you for your feedback on the tool. I hope that you'll continue trying it, and perhaps even encourage your students to flip videos themselves to share with one another as a way of facilitating learning outside of the classroom. The cool part of this tool is that you can make a lesson from ANY video on TED-Ed and/or on YouTube. Let us know what you students think if/when you challenge them to flip a video that pertains to collaborative research. Sometimes, allowing them to build it will increase participation. It's really fun!!
  • Apr 26 2012: Before I flip, are there any copyright concerns I should be aware of if I just use a portion or may be videotaped using the footage in a seminar? Thanks!
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      Apr 28 2012: I don't think you'll have to worry about anything, Cassandra. You can flip any of the TED-Ed original material and anything on YouTube--that's the best answer that I can give you right now. I asked our product manager, Stephanie Lo, to look into it. She has promised to get back to me ASAP! Thanks...
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    Apr 26 2012: How Simple Ideas Lead to Scientific Discoveries. I guess not only the children are inspired by this talk.
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    Apr 25 2012: JJ Abrams' talk on the mystery box. Such great storytelling technique, I'd use it as a writing prompt.
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    Apr 25 2012: I think i will check out > The Power of Simple Words ... I love the site look
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    Apr 25 2012: I guess something you dare to experiment with. something you or some one you know have made on youtube.
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      Apr 25 2012: Sesa! Have you made any videos? You should try flipping them using the TED-Ed page. It's really cool how you can incorporate any content on YouTube right into the TED-Ed website. Some of it can be really interesting, and some of it can be just plain ol' fun.

      Let me know what you think...