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Why don't the copyright laws change?

The debate over copyrights are ongoing and often times are very heated. My question is that in reference to a free market why haven't producers better adapted. If another individual can produce a product of equal quality for a lower price than I believe competition should dictate a downturn in price. For instance it has been claimed that movie piracy fuels terrorism. If a terrorist cell produces DVDs in the United States for less money than our companies, shouldn't we take a good look at ourselves and wonder where we have gone wrong. What exactly is the profit margin on the DVD's we sell, maybe greed plays a bigger role in this debate than copyright infringement.


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    Apr 26 2012: The idea of Intellectual Property, and money, is a big factor here. People that create something unique, want to keep control over it. Take Mickey Mouse for example. Walt Disney wanted tight control over his creation so that people in other countries (or even in the U.S.) could not alter his character or the ideals ascribed to that character by his creator. Sure, animators in China could have produced a cheaper Micky Mouse cartoon strip or cartoon, but will they stick to the artist's vision? What is they made Mickey Mouse a booze guzzling, heroin shooting, bandit or did worse? Walt would have no control over his character without tight copyright laws. Besides, the Chinese animators would make all of the money off the character that he developed and he woud probably not see a dime from his creation.

    So...we have the issues of control and money (maybe greed). What I think would be a good fix for the copyright problem is if we went back to the old idea that you had like 50 or 75 years of control and residuals from your creation and after that, the original concept becomes public domain. Unfortunately, it was the Disney company that paid HUGE money into changing our old copyright laws into what we have now where the time limit has been extended even further back to protect the interests of one company...the Disney company.

    The laws need to be changed, but they will not be changed because of the dollar factor. People who create things do so for profit. 99.9% of businesses are not altruistic by nature and really do not care about creating a cheaper product. They all try to see what everyone else is charging and maybe try to undercut by a nickel to make sales, but most companies are created for profit and in America (a capitalist society)....we are all about the mighty dollar. Our societies ideals woudl have to change for any dramatic change in copyright laws.

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