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Technological Determinism

We often will say "it's inevitable, it was bound to happen eventually...", or "That's just the way things are going..."

When the wheel was first invented/discovered, was it just a matter of time before the first transportation device was created?

Here is an excerpt taken from the Technological Determinism Wikipedia page:

"Most interpretations of technological determinism share two general ideas:
that the development of technology itself follows a predictable, traceable path largely beyond cultural or political influence, and that technology n turn has "effects" on societies that are inherent, rather than socially conditioned or produced because that society organizes itself to support and further develop a technology once it has been introduced."


I would like to know which side you are on with this debate. Is there a destination to this all that is inevitable, or will we use technology to serve our purposes?

  • May 22 2012: Invention has never been predictive, hence inevitability cannot apply to first movers in a technology. We cannot be sure about what the next great big thing would be. Great ideas cannot just be bound to happen eventually. Innovation on the other hand, lends itself to predictability. Once a technology has been firmly established it growth shall be fuelled by society's necessity and we humans shall find ways of doing things better that we did in the past.
    Hence, in terms of technological determinism, we are in essence, sitting on the white fence which divides new technology (inventions) from existing ones (innovations).
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    Apr 25 2012: Find a need and fill it. Necessity is the mother of invention.