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How much regulation are you willing to tolerate (accept?) in exchange for not having to take personal responsibility for your actions?

Has regulation gone too far in removing individual's responsibilities? Are we hindering our ability to function as a society with extraneous legislation?

Is there a correct amount of legislation/intervention? And how would we go about measuring this? We are all going to have our own opinions on what is too interventionist, so how do we choose the correct level?

Is it possible to remove the intentionally obtuse regulations that currently exist?

There is a lot of room, in my opinion, for a renegotiation of the relationship between individual's responsibilities and the state's.

I would like to thank Kris Rosvold for his comments on another conversation I started, which has prompted me to start this conversation.


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  • Apr 26 2012: When a regulation becomes a crutch for someone to fall back on as an excuse for their actions then that regulation is detrimental to the individual. Stack them on top of each other and society crumbles.

    It is difficult to take crutches away from crippled people without being burned at the stake.

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