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What are some ways for any single individual to actively change the world for the better? Also, who defines the "better"?

what can one really do to actually make a difference? For example, on May 1st there is an OWS event to not go to school, work, and also to refrain from spending. But will not spending, not going to school, and not going to work Really impact those, whom they're trying to impact, enough to really matter?

This brings me to the 2nd part of my question. Is something like no spending on may 1st really going to help the situation? Is my absence from class going to be note worthy and make change happen? I'm all for making a difference and trying to make the world a better place, but will any of this really make things "Better"? who's deciding that?


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    Apr 24 2012: Advertising and writing are two most powerful ways to change the world for better. You can do it individually and within your resource.

    When something which applies to bigger mass and when it is positive in terms of effect, it become "Better".

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