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Let's follow my students lead, who changed my "make a viral video" assignment into a movement against Breast Cancer this Friday. MakeItPink.

I challenged my students to work together, as a class, to create a viral video. I told them that If they get 1,000,000 views on their video, I'd give the entire class an A+ on the assignment.

After viewing Kevin Allocca's TED talk on Viral Videos, the students blew me away: They skipped the cats, double rainbows, and horrific pratfalls to build a MOVEMENT to remind people that Breast Cancer isn't a "one month a year" problem. It's called MAKE IT PINK, and that's their call to action - on April 27th, Make Your Campus/Home/Office/Attire/etc. pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. You can see their work, and their video, at their site:

A) Can we get behind them for Friday, 4/27?
B) Can we use Social Media to improve educational assignments to get students doing these kinds of things in the future?
C) Can we make this ASSIGNMENT even better? What's a better metric for web success than views/hits/likes/etc.

  • Apr 23 2012: With all due respect, I'm sorry, but I cannot get behind anything that pours more money into fake cancer research. Big pharma is not in the business of making us well. Quite the opposite.

    There have been real cures for cancer around since at least the 1880s. The people who dare to make this public are scorned, ridiculed, persecuted, and ruined by both the medical profession and FDA - which are, of course, owned lock, stock and barrel by the pharmaceutical companies. Any truly promising treatment is swept under the rug because the natural substances cannot be patented.

    This is over-simplified, but there isn't room to write the dastardly ways in which pharma is continuing to kill us and our loved ones with their poisons.