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Which features do you think should be added to

I have couple of ideas:

1 - Listing all the talks I watched

2 - More detailed tagging of videos

3 - Ability to see recommended videos, whenever I want

What do you think?

Closing Statement from Ahmet Yükseltürk

It seems right now most of members like current website. Good. :D

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    Feb 11 2011: Great ideas, Ahmet.

    From a translator point of view:
    1. Better communication platform with our colleagues, during translation and review.
    2. Counters which show the usage of subtitles by the users. How many people used Romanian subtitles for this or for all translated talks?
    3. Highlights in original transcription for not common, special expressions. Some translators still translate word by word in such cases, not noticing the real meaning. Example: "surge in Iraq".
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      Feb 12 2011: Some thoughts on your idea number 3.

      Yes, sometimes you have to write details of an expression. I had this difficulty when translating Naif Al-Mutawa's talk. There was expression "free felafel". It has two meanings in English and there was a joke about these two different meanings. Maybe TED Conversation page with a related TED talk will be helpful.