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Do you appreciate loyalty. What does it mean for you?

I believe loyalty is the leading quality in any relationship. What do you think?

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    Apr 23 2012: I think that loyalty is the RESULT of a trusting relationship. But that's just been my experience.
    • Apr 26 2012: I think that loyalty is sometimes the start of a trusting relationship. I think we start to trust after someone shows that its loyal to you
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        Apr 29 2012: I don't think so. I know a lot of people that I trust and am not loyal to. Maybe you could explain.
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    Apr 23 2012: If loyaly means loving someone else unconditionally, I believe in it. If loyalty to a community means telling the truth within it and working to solve the problems facing the community, I believe in it. (Though at a point if the organization does not budge from its misguided course, I don't think it is disloyal eventually to depart). But if by loyalty to someone or an organization you mean ignoring what is right and supporting the person's behavior anyway, I don't believe in it. For example, if loyalty to a bully means not calling him out on what he is doing that is cruel, I don't believe in it.
    • Apr 26 2012: I don't think that loyalty is necessary love. it can be respect.
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        Apr 26 2012: So are you asking whether respect is the most important aspect of a relationship? Or are you saying that loyalty means respecting someone regardless of what he does and asking whether that is the leading quality in a relationship?