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It is no longer possible for a society to regard any living man or woman as a hero in the modern age.

Because the reputation of anyone who is subjected to media scrutiny will eventually be diminished. It is really hard for the celebrity to keep a nice image to the public.

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  • Apr 23 2012: I was taought that a celebrity and a hero were two totally diffrent things.
    A hero is one that acts without media endorsements.
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      Apr 24 2012: Yeah, it is true that. a celebrity is not necessarily a hero. However, in the modern society it is nearly impossible for a hero to be a recluse. And if someone is a well-recognized hero, in another world, the hero to the public. First comes the fame. And then the gossips and scandals follows. As nobody is perfect, even the heroes are included. I think it is surely, Finally, the public heroes will be inundated by the permeating media.

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