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There's no such thing as a vegan.

It is an impossibility to not consume any animal matter. Unless you furiously clean every plant and fungus you consume there will be residual animal stuff on it somewhere. If you are a "vegan" for moral reasons then surely it should be ok to eat animals that were dead when you found them. And what about slime moulds? they're fungus but they crawl around. What about euglena they are mobile and photosynthetic.

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    May 4 2012: I am an omnivore. I eat plants and animals. Some people say they refuse to eat anything but plants. Those people are called vegetarians or vegans. What makes them vegans is what they SAY about themselves. Is your point that no effort to avoid eating non-plant material can succeed because plants have non-plant life forms on (or in?) them? As always, if what you say is true you are correct. If what you say is untrue then you are in error. I thought sure your debate would arouse the ire of our vegan community but maybe they have no bones to pick (sorry).