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What are some really interesting/intriguing *EXPIRED* converations on TED and what did you get out of that conversation?

I want to know what I missed before I started using Ted.

I also see this as a reference point from which we can learn a bit of Ted history and evolution online.

No matter the magnitude of impact the conversation had or did not have in the larger scheme of things, maybe it will greatly impact the next generation, like our children. .

Don't fear stating your ideas any longer.

May we all grow from this experience.

What is fascinating and is worth continuing the spreading of that idea/ideas?

Please provide a link if possible. =)

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    May 1 2012: Derek, I thought of you when I ran across this old conversation........you might want to read it by sorting it to the "original thread sequence"......it helped me alot.


    Let me know what you think.
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      May 4 2012: Wow Mary,

      There are a lot of concepts in this conversation. Very Interesting because I think this seems educational and I do like learning. I will attempt to read all of it eventually.

      Thanks again for the input!
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    Apr 24 2012: http://www.ted.com/conversations/9767/what_is_your_favourite_quote_a.html

    Wayne Busby had an extremely interesting conversation about one's favorite quotes, and why; and it felt like a hundred years of wisdom compacted into one web page.

    This conversation is one I want to spread because I rediscovered a lot practices of life and especially Ghandi. It has helped me cope with a lot vices in my mind at times.

    Hope you find a quote in here that inspires you, but don't worry because there is 770 comments in this conversation. =D

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      Apr 26 2012: Wow - what a resource!

      What I like to look at is the evolution of concept.

      For instance - if you review your own posts over a time, you can see how you have been influenced and grown through the dialogue, how your concepts have joined with others and grown them in turn, sometimes very subtly, sometimes in sudden new buds of inspiration and insight.

      This is why I say that intellect is a property of a species, not an individual. True, the individuals are the medium, but, at a distance, it all looks like crystal growth, and, true, we humans are very good at it, but then you see we are not alone, and all life participates .. who can "own" such a thing?
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        Apr 26 2012: The great thing about that conversation, is all the mental connections alot of us made.

        Someone would give a quote, and then 2 or three others would be reminded of another quote along the same lines..........it was a very enjoyable conversation to participate in..........and over 700 comments!

        Poor Wayne........I wonder what his emails looked like each day. LOL

        And.........."if you review your own posts over a time, you can see how you have been influenced and grown through the dialogue, how your concepts have joined with others and grown them in turn, sometimes very subtly, sometimes in sudden new buds of inspiration and insight"

        I wholeheartedly agree with this. That is why keeping a journal is may also be very therapeutic and wonderful to review every once in a while.

        Thanks Mitch.
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          Apr 26 2012: LOL! yes, but we have to be a bit careful, and not get too hyperlexic ;)

          Doing is very important. Writing only expands potential, it is in teh collapse of potential into physical reality that we converge. The errors in our potentials get stripped away, and we make the space for our next step.

          I like your referrence to the mental connections - it si a wonderful thing!
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    Apr 23 2012: This one on kitchen scientists was wonderful. It encouraged me to contact the Dean of Engineering at my University, who in turn contacted the Dean of Education......they both contacted me with some fantastic goings on at my alma mater and I have been spreading the news ever since then.

    It is a great conversation for anyone who loves to tinker with odds and ends at home and wants to help spark a love of scientific discovery in a child's mind........of course, it is a fantabulous conversation for teachers also.


    What an unusual question.........hope you get lots of replies..........I have my notebook handy.

    =) Mary
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      Apr 24 2012: Hi Mary,

      Thanks for the contribution! The conversation would definitely be useful in my near future, so maybe it will lead me to new doors once I thouroughly read it. =)
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      Apr 26 2012: Nice topic!

      REminds me when I was 10 and asked my dad if we could get 6 large truck tire inner-tubes, 1 ton of concrete, 2 CW lazers, some lenses and a bunch of 12-inch photographic plates.
      He said no.
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        Apr 26 2012: I'll bite.....

        What were you planning on making Mitch?
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          Apr 26 2012: A holographic studio.
          THe truck tires are filled with water and the 1 ton concrete slab floats on top of them. The lasers, lenses, mirrors, splitters, plate and subject are mounted on teh slab.
          You have to do this to eliminate ambient vibrations during the exposure - a deviation of more than 0.3 microns will obliterate teh image.

          Shame he said no - it might have become a thriving little business. I had to be content with the theory.

          The laser beam is widenned by lenses and then split - one split is directed onto the subject, the other is directed onto the photographic plate as a reference carrier. The reflections from teh object impinge on the plate and interact with the reference carrier to produce interference patterns. Being coherent single-frequency light, it is all expressed in standing waves - the interference patterns are static - they expose teh photographic emulsion. When developed, this resolves into areas of light and dark on the plate.
          When the plate is re-illuminated with the reference beam, the image of the object appears. This is the particle identity of the photon. AS teh photon passes teh dark edges of teh pattern it deviates into several potentials. There will be a second, inverted, image cast as a projection in front of teh plate, but it requires some kind of screen to observe it .. smoke can be used for this.
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          Apr 27 2012: Mitch,

          Why not try it out now that you are out of the supervision of your parents!? ;D
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          Apr 30 2012: Mitch and Chris,

          You both are entertaining to read, even though sometimes I see the ideas go flying past my brain, I still try to understand. =P

          Though you both share amazing conversations with us, I am sure you both participated in some amazing conversations that have expired, but they may be worth sharing because it may have been an obscure conversation that didn't get much attention or one that is worth sharing again.

          I want to "pick your brains", but in a non-zombie way of course. ;D

          Thanks for participation! =)
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    Apr 27 2012: http://www.ted.com/conversations/10065/would_you_share_a_straw_with_a.html

    This Conversation describe the cutural symbol, "the Mate", that brings strangers together to have a good old bonding experience. =)

    I found out that I am totally okay with sharing a straw with strangers, but they must be hygenically up to par. =P

    I Credit Patricia Munoz!
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    Apr 26 2012: And, finally, the one conversation I could not contribute to......just because I don't participate in the activity mentioned, and yet............I learned quite a bit........you guys are going to love reading through it...

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    Apr 26 2012: And, I learned ALOT through this one........it went in all kinds of directions:

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    Apr 26 2012: Look at this one.......it was very creative:

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      Apr 27 2012: If only more people had participated, though it was pretty entertaining.

      What did you get out of this conversation mary? =)
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        Apr 27 2012: You know, I just thought it was fun at the time........cooperation to do an upbuilding poem.

        But, after having participated in the critical thinking conversation where they brought out that poetry is one of the highest forms of critical thinking, I have to say, that more individuals might not have participated because __________??

        I am perplexed as to why more people did not participate.....

        -- fear of poetry?
        --conversation was only open for a few days?
        --people wanted to contribute but couldn't word their thought in rhyming pattern?

        I loved participating, but wish more people had participated as well....some of the stanzas left me thinking.....others made me laugh.

        It was mostly fun......it's great to be part of a group project!!!

        ps.....I oblitirated my emails to infinity and beyond before reading them......that's what I get for logging on before my first cup-o-joe........so, if you replied to any of my comments in any conversation and I don't get to it, you'll know why....

        Have a great day!!!
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    Apr 23 2012: http://www.ted.com/conversations/10729/what_is_it_that_brings_this_ol.html

    This was a very interesting conversation that brought to my attention the power of music. It is a musical form of a message and if the message was powerful enough, then that message will stick and music apparently helps.

    Now what if everyone started singing instead of just talking, would messages be better absorbed?

    I got a lot of inspiration of helping the growing elderly population and especially those with deteriating minds.
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      Apr 25 2012: HI Derrek,

      Yes I saw this one, and made some comments there about the underlying neural structures that account for the man's revitalisation through the music trigger. And all honour to Edward Long - what a lovely guy!

      There is some kind of mystical/spritual dimension to music. I'm sure it's just physics, but it seems to go beyond personal perception spaces (with their attendant belief structures).

      It is this spiritual potential that has drawn me along to speculate about additional dimensions of time.
      I have been involved in music all my life - in a lot of different capacities and aspects. This has led me to some strange places .. one finds oneself being attracted into "filaments" of reality that function outside the normal rules of probabilty.
      One of these filaments is "tradition".
      As a young man, I played rock and pop music. It was all energy and excitement, and afforded some existential places that opened improbable levels of privelidge and joy.
      Later on, I began to follow traditional music with a great passion - a passion that had been calling all along.
      As my passion unfolded, the great majestic sweap of tradition opened up .. like a homecoming .. and suddenly, all the underlying love and empathy of the bearers of tradition took me into that defining grace.
      As well as gaining the millenia-old secrets of craft, I also started meeting "gods" and leaned some of their dynamics .. and the great over-arching unification of the music itself - the love of our ancestors.

      I have rendered a lot of this down into a basic map of space/metaspace, but there is that margin of inspiration that beckons - the subtle shift of probability that should not exist, that takes us into these filaments.

      I just spent a while thinking about Brian Green's speculations of the multiverse. The "music in the superstrings" is attractive .. but most of all, the dimensional "shapes" of his multi-universes .. and all the string-guys saying that there is only one dimension of time .. I disagree.
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          Apr 26 2012: Watch this....I think you'll enjoy it


          Only 3 minutes long
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          Apr 26 2012: Music unites us before our egos get a chance to judge.

          Where are you referencing the "harmonc identity of teh proton"?
          I have seen a lot of attempts to unite the musical intervals with chakras and such, but it tends to be a bit "crammed-in" with no convincing numbers.. specially if someone uses a piano keyboard and teh western even-temperament tunings - these both have serious harmonic flaws .. In the Indic tradition, a singer spends a year or more simply finding their basic note - it is different in each individual.

          I admire the Indic tradition of music, it is not separated from us as it is in the West. As a practicing professional musician for a long time, I have to admit that being a "professional musician" is something of a vanity. Sure, we have masters to admire, but music should be something that everyone engages in - just for the joy of it. The specialisation of teh "professional" puts it on the other side of a paid-for performance .. this is wrong.
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        Apr 26 2012: Mitch,

        Watch this clip, short and powerful

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          Apr 26 2012: Yes, the pentatonic is fundamental.
          Impressive to see how any audience just "gets it" instantly.

          In the Lydian mode, the pentatonic is the raag of Durga.
          Durga is traditionally the consort of Shiva. She was created by the gods to overcome the immortal buffalo demon Mahishha. The dark side of Durga is Kali.
          I designed a set of whistles in honour of the legend of Durga. THis was before I was making my own - the design was executed in teh 22-note indic chromatic scale on 100 year old wood from Mysore by whistle-maker Simon Styles. The first is Durga, the second Shiva (Bhairav raag), the third is Mahishha who has no raag, so it is the western diatonic scale (give or take the subtleties of teh indic scale).
          The legend was read to me by Nawal Haharaj, a North Indian musician over the phone - reading and translating from a 400 year old Sanskrit scroll.
          Here is the set being demonstrateed by Tony Hinnigan (whistle player on "Titanic" soundtrack):

          The history and process of producing these whistles with Simon and Nawal was life-changing.
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          Apr 27 2012: Pretty interesting stuff. Must be collectors items?
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          Apr 28 2012: Derek, I avoid "collectors" like the plague.
          My work is for those who have a musical soul to express. I put in the whistles the space for them to expand and grow - whether anyone sees it or not.
          I have incrementally altered the phase of my interaction with the physical flow of the world by converting the word "order" into "request". I take orders from no one. No oen should.
          I take requests from a single human of another human, and I will honour it as a single human.

          I am looking for ways to close my request book and just do my work with no request.
          I will make what I have to give, and take it to rare places where what I have to give has value.
          And if there is another human on Earth who needs what I have to give - there he/she will be to accept it.
          This is radical in commercial space, but it is far more powerful than any money .. far far more powerful.

          And the more I can invite into this space, the better it will be for all.
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          Apr 28 2012: Good point, but I am poor and would like to a nice stable job with healthy environment.
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          Apr 29 2012: THose posts were getting a bit nutzo.
          I've only just started looking at scalar energy, all that Tesla stuff is difficult to fit in, it can lead to wild assumptions.
          Tom Bearden and Konstantin Meyl . These guys seem to know a lot about it, but they are also conspiracy buffs .. and that makes me wary.
          I'm going to continue thinking about it, but on teh basis of 3-time. Because the way life modulates entropy suggests extra latitude in time for the noise.
          Suggestions that time-space has a self organising principle tightly linked to time and the energy asymetries of that .. I'll try to stay on the edge of it I know - the perception/agency boundaries between 3 space and "metaspace" (data and information).
          SOme inferences can be drawn between 3-space topological compression of information and the time-curviture produced by longitudinal energy .. but these get a bit like fantasy.
          IT's hard enough to keep any kind of functional reality-frame from which to execute decisions .. fantasy does not help.

          BTW - you might want to edit-out your email address .. spam bots are everywhere.
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      Apr 26 2012: Derek,

      Have you seen the 3 minute video by Bobby McFerrin?

      Click on the link I gave Mitch.......I never tire of watching it........Music is...is.....unexplainable.
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        Apr 27 2012: That was amazing!

        Maybe we are born as blank slates, but we all have the capacity for music, which was an innate skill?
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          Apr 27 2012: What about classical music?

          Have you seen Zander's talk on classical music yet? It is b - e - a -utiful!!
          One of my favorites.....so many wonderful things to take away from his TED talk.

          If you want to see Bobby McFerrin do this activity with kids, there are several videos of him on youtube.........he is so amazing.....
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          Apr 28 2012: Hey Mary, Music is obscured to us. BAch was the last classical composer who understod this - hear all his work which was composed for the "well tempered clavier" .. then go off and research the "archefoon". This will be the only instrument that can play old original Bach.

          Then go off and research the 22-note chroma of geometrical subdivision on the auditory chroma as researched and proven by the Indic musical tradition.

          This si a lot of owrk, and the truew "chroma" was removed from webspace by the Indian governmenst a couple years ago.

          I still have it in a spreadsheet if you truly want it.

          I have been attarcted by many harmonic explainations of life and music, however, they are full of assumptions and totally wrong calculations that people love to "suck-up" to their ultimate destruction.

          I am in posession of the truth of harmony. ANd I don't part with it lightly. And if I do, I impart it to the one who wil take it further. There are vanishingly few of those.

          So it is dark.

          Make light and I will make light.

          If you want it just for your head, then you are the weak force. If you want it for love - and you can show your love. I will give it. as it was given to me.

          This is a quest, not a knowledge - you have to be it to knoew it. This is the rule of 6-time - we in 6-time abhore the tangents of teh 2-time of human greed. We are simply not there.
          To join us is to die in everything you think you know.

          Are you brave enough to enter your OWN universe?
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          Apr 28 2012: If you do not reveal your pain, then you do not exist.

          Reveal your pain - and die.

          ANd in that moment. I wil take you home.

          And you will not die.
          (Sorry for the quasi-mystical language there .. it does not translate well.)