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The Future of the United States

What do you think the United States' system and society will look like in twenty years?

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    Apr 23 2012: The same only worse. Think the current PIGS, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain in which they are broke due to Socialism.

    The debt necessitates higher taxes which makes investment capital go elsewhere. Which means jobs and economic activity go elsewhere. This is just a fact I'm not opining, it would make as much sense to argue about whether or not there is gravity.
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      Apr 23 2012: It seems so self evident that government - city, county, state and federal systems need to live within their means.

      I share some of your concern about the creep of socialism, but the more blatant bothersome part of government that is appalling to me is the self serving aspect of individual public servants and the public employee unions. Where is the oversight by our politicians? We are talking about serious money and obligations here that directly or indirectly relate to the state of our economy.

      Unfortunately your comment, "'The same only worse," rings absolutely true with me. And it could get WORSER as the Federal money printing operations continue to roll in full swing with no honest significant corresponding adjustments in governmental operations and costs.

      The only bailout is the taxpayer and private business activity that generates taxes and these resources are not without their limits. Then what?
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        Apr 23 2012: it might seem self evident, but there are other things self evident too.

        governments can choose between taxation, debt and inflation to increase their spending. it is self evident that the "optimal" solution from their point of view is some sort of mixture of the three, and not a pure tax based one. like animals evolving to best survive in an environment, governments are evolving to deliver the best *looking* result with the *least visible* costs. that is not good or bad. that is just the behavior that gets them elected. probably many candidates wanted to do "good". but only those will be elected that best adapted to the environment in maximizing votes. thus we have inflation and debt. it is dictated by the environment, namely the voter population.
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          Apr 23 2012: I have seen the enemy and he is us.
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    Apr 23 2012: The U.S Dollar will no longer be the world currency and there will be a huge wake up call for everyone. Much of the assistance funding will be cut because ...well its already ghost money. Crime will increase when this happens as many people will wake up and say " What do you mean I cant have that for free!..I am an American and that gives me the right..blah blah blah.." But then eventually government will realize that most citizens can spend their money quit wisely for themselves as we develop products and jobs that the world needs but in order to do this they cant be handcuffed by regulations that don't apply to other countries..or perhaps if the regulations are needed then we will have to quit buying from countries who don't follow them and have the "luxury" to use people as a commodity without recognizing basic human rights.
  • Apr 23 2012: We should see wider and deeper engagement of public in politics, community and social causes. Technology will make it even easier to communicate, collaborate and know what is happening in these areas. People will be able to organize themselves for various causes and engage politicians.

    Hopefully we will see bigger oversight over what laws Congress is working on in order to offset efforts of private companies to influence and bribe lawmakers through various lobbies.

    Education system will become more effective by adopting systems like Khan Academy. Students will learn through practical projects and experiments with much less emphasis on memorizing facts. Teamwork, creativity, innovation and communication will become important aspects of teaching.

    Transparency and way to communicate will continue to increase. Inventions like Google Glass will create new way for people to interact with their environment and community in new ways, further engaging everyone in that area.
    • Apr 24 2012: @ Zdenek

      "Education system will become more effective by adopting systems like Khan Academy."

      My brother had turned me onto them. I think the concept is in the right direction. Potentially a better tool for individuals to use to educate themselves, because self-education is the only means to a good education; nobody can make anyone learn.
      • Apr 24 2012: Hi William,

        Yes this tool helped many people in the world. However even school can use it to various degree. Some teachers use that in their classroom with great result.

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    Apr 23 2012: It will be will be different.

    Your country will move to smaller lightweight vehicles rather than those big things you run your kids to soccer practice on,Only those who need them for their livelihoods will still use them.Compare an oxygen low lake,smaller fish, less oxygen use.

    I'm hoping the states come off their love affair with overuse of pesticides,Heck i hope mine dose too.

    You're right Pat,you guys need investment,so why not sell all those empty homes to chinese investors?
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      Apr 23 2012: What makes you think we are not?
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    Apr 23 2012: William,

    I imagine a scene of infighting and a less compassionate populace. Everyone will be guarding their own properties and not wavering to spread their wealth around because the economy may have failed and someone important has been assasinated. There would be a meek view of society where it once was. A single group of revolutionists would be traveling around the country trying to reform the system and hopefully they suceed.

    The second scenario, world war III and natural disaster are happening around the earth at an exponential rate.
    • Apr 24 2012: @ Derek

      I imagine a scene of infighting and a less compassionate populace. Everyone will be guarding their own properties and not wavering to spread their wealth around because the economy may have failed

      There would be a meek view of society where it once was.

      These are already happening don't you think? What happens next?
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        Apr 25 2012: Wow, to think that it is already in our time, it is kind of difficult. I think you have a point there William. Well the magnitude would be far greater than it is currently.

        Though I think that if everyone thought of the present as the scenario above, it could drive us to cooperate and find legitimate solutions. =)

        I hope I am making a positive contribution to the planet and the people, but if not, I might be a burden. Though I don't think I am a burden, luckily, I will strive for possibly better things that will help the world and the state of the economy.

        Maybe a revolution is in order?! =)
        • Apr 25 2012: In your reference to a less compassionate populace: What I see is a citizenry, in general, who defer their responsibilities for their fellow man to public and private organizations. There are those who willingly give their money and others who's money is taken from them; creating an environment of detachment. People will naturally do what is easiest for them, and, as we all know, money is not nearly as important as our time and labor.

          Compassion has been industrialized, and the consequences of this are dire and expansive. One simple parallel to Industrialized Compassion is in a reference to those who have no idea where their food comes from, because when asked they can only say, "From the store." I know this response may not be common place, nevertheless it is too common for an "advanced" society. The worst example that I have personally heard is from a highly "educated" woman when she asked, "What are ranchers for?"

          I have come to the conclusion that people will have to be immersed in the problem before they will cooperate with each other. As long as they allow themselves to be distracted and have a means to deny reality they will continue to be led towards tyranny.

          A revolution may be necessary, but I believe the right revolution will happen when the season is right. A fabricated, non-organic, revolution, will end badly, but I have to remind myself that even a fabricated revolution is natural. Then next question is, "Who will have the power at the other end?"

          Thanks for the reciprocation,

          W.P. Baldwin