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The Future of the United States

What do you think the United States' system and society will look like in twenty years?


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    Apr 23 2012: The U.S Dollar will no longer be the world currency and there will be a huge wake up call for everyone. Much of the assistance funding will be cut because ...well its already ghost money. Crime will increase when this happens as many people will wake up and say " What do you mean I cant have that for free!..I am an American and that gives me the right..blah blah blah.." But then eventually government will realize that most citizens can spend their money quit wisely for themselves as we develop products and jobs that the world needs but in order to do this they cant be handcuffed by regulations that don't apply to other countries..or perhaps if the regulations are needed then we will have to quit buying from countries who don't follow them and have the "luxury" to use people as a commodity without recognizing basic human rights.

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