Dilann Yasin

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What motivates you more, love or fear? Why?

'nuff said.

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    Apr 23 2012: Neither, it's curiosity!
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    Apr 23 2012: Peter Drucker said, "We know nothing about motivation. All we can do is write books about it." Nuff said.
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    Apr 23 2012: I would say that fear motivates a fearful person more and love motivate a loving person more.
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    May 4 2012: i think , started with "CURIOSITY" and later on "PASSION" :)
  • Apr 23 2012: I can't really answer that with the given options. I a person can be motivated by many diffrent things at one time. Lust, love, joy, sorrow, anger. One emotion or feeling doesn't really speak for all of the factors that motivate an individual.
    If I was relgious I would say I am motivated by my love of god, but then again I would be motivated also by a fear of hell.
    I think the two emotions are synonymous with each other in terms of motivation.
    What would motivate me not to cheat on my spouse (if i had one lol) would be love, but also the fear of getting caught.