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Cannabis legalization; Are we in the middle of a global paradigm shift?

This past Friday on the unofficial Cannabis holiday "4:20", tens of thousands of people across my country of Canada flocked to major city centers (including in front of the Canadian parliament buildings in Ottawa) and openly "smoked up" in protest and celebration. Similar gatherings occurred in major cities globally.

For those unfamiliar with the story of Cannabis here's a (very) quick Coles notes version: The Cannabis plant was once a very popular and widely used crop with uses ranging from textiles (hemp paper, clothing) to medicine to the recreational use of "Marijuana" which entails smoking the dried buds of the Cannabis plant. This was the case up until the 1930's where Cannabis began to be systematically made illegal on a global scale until this very day.

It seems to me that there is tangible momentum developing behind ending the prohibition of Cannabis on a global level. It seems that people are becoming more aware of the draconian stance the law by in large has on this plant and are pushing towards change.

Do you sense that such a shift is occurring? Feel free to share the feeling wherever you are posting from in the world.


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    Apr 22 2012: Had an interesting thing happen... I am a supporter of legalization... living in Los Angeles... feels like I'm living on "the front" of this battle and well... I'm all for it, but this week... my neighbor, the business that shares the parking lot just outside my bedroom window went from being a Spa & MAssage places to a Cannabis Dispensary... so now... before was a long line of strange men seeking "happy ending" massages... to a long line of strange men seeking "happy ending" massages and a coupl eof ounces of Orange King Kush... so now it's literally on my doorstep. The place is run by a convicted felon who walks with a limp due to a gunshot wound and has been arrested (my neighbors and I have witnessed it) several times. Soooo legalize it and CONTROL IT because right now... there's no agency really enforcing any law to the fullest on these places... they come and they go... is there a paradigm shift... I think so, but it's in with a profit motive either way. Now for me... the only shift I'm making is to find a new place to live... I don't want to be living next to the business of it, but I still believe in the legalization of it.

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