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What have you done to help the Earth?

In honor of Earth Day, I have a question for everyone on TED.com. What have you done to benefit the Earth? Have you recycled, started a club, raised awarness about the Earth's condition, turned down your heating and cooling ststem? Whatever you have done to help the Earth, I want to you post it right here. And, if you haven't done anything to help the Earth than write about something that you plan on/want to do in the near future.

Who knows, maybe it will inspire more people to contribute to saving our planet!

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    Apr 27 2012: The thing I have done to reduce my carbon footprint in the last year that I am the most excited about is to switch to using a Diva Cup instead of tampons or pads during my period. This silicone cup can be washed and reused for up to two years, reducing the waste generated by conventional feminine products (not to mention saving money). Its also better for your health because it doesn't absorb your natural lubrication, leave behind cottony residue and is less susceptible to bacterial growth. Approximately 7 billion tampons went into North American waste last year! This is a small and manageable step that any woman can make and the best part is you're not just saving the planet, but saving money and your heath too!

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