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What have you done to help the Earth?

In honor of Earth Day, I have a question for everyone on TED.com. What have you done to benefit the Earth? Have you recycled, started a club, raised awarness about the Earth's condition, turned down your heating and cooling ststem? Whatever you have done to help the Earth, I want to you post it right here. And, if you haven't done anything to help the Earth than write about something that you plan on/want to do in the near future.

Who knows, maybe it will inspire more people to contribute to saving our planet!

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  • Apr 22 2012: I have been volunteering to help middle schooler with math. It's not much but it's all I can do at the moment, but One day hopefully I can put down a couple of my current goals as things that I have done for the world.
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      Apr 22 2012: I think that is great! My brother is in middle school and recently he was asked to help some of his peers in math. At first he didn't want to do it but now he finds some satisfaction in enlightening and inspiring others. I believe volunteer work like that makes both the volunteer and the person being helped better than they were before.
    • Apr 27 2012: Not many can do what you are doing Harvey. A person has to give up selfishness, be fearless and free from anxieties and worries of routine cares and livelihood to perform acts like you are doing. Because it's not gonna benefit much to the performer of work. And I request you utterly not to think that it's not much. God doesnt measure people by the size of work but by the size of love, devotion & feeling by which we work or in other words serve him(humanity or the people you serve currently). It takes a big heart and lots of guts to do what you have been doing. A hundred people like you probably can change the face of nation pertaining to a particular task. Goodluck for your future endeavours!!!
      • Apr 27 2012: Thank you. I guess if just feels like nothing in the grand scheme of the happenings within my mind. I have huge intentions to do vastly greater things than this. but honestly It really does put a smile on my face to see that. sometimes we lose perspective on the most pervasive yet powerful things in our lives.

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