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What have you done to help the Earth?

In honor of Earth Day, I have a question for everyone on TED.com. What have you done to benefit the Earth? Have you recycled, started a club, raised awarness about the Earth's condition, turned down your heating and cooling ststem? Whatever you have done to help the Earth, I want to you post it right here. And, if you haven't done anything to help the Earth than write about something that you plan on/want to do in the near future.

Who knows, maybe it will inspire more people to contribute to saving our planet!

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  • Apr 27 2012: Sowing seeds before rainy season cotinued......In a month's time creepers will grow everywhere and start giving vegetables. Trees shall bear fruit and shade and shelter too. Birds and squirrels benefit and their droppings are excellent manure. I wonder how many seeds will I be able to sow in 1 day in 5 hours??? What if I work the same for 5 days before monsoon??? How many cows/buffaloes and other creatures will benefit and for how long. After 5 days of work is completed and trees grow in some months, then for how many years/generations will it continue to bless everyone around it.

    There are a lot of poverty stricken people here who would eventually get vegetables for free atleast for a couple of months because the plants would grow in no man's land with no one to claim it. The reason to sow seeds(grow the plant) near a pond/lake is because the ground water level in such areas are good which support the plant to evolve easily. An act of 5 days should go a long way and manify itself multiple times towards betterment of all. Its only developing and not destroying. Only helping, not hurting.

    After a lot of thinking Nature proves but one thing. Not having trees is really not a problem. Growing trees is easy. Living in peace and developing a good atmosphere is not tough.

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