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What have you done to help the Earth?

In honor of Earth Day, I have a question for everyone on TED.com. What have you done to benefit the Earth? Have you recycled, started a club, raised awarness about the Earth's condition, turned down your heating and cooling ststem? Whatever you have done to help the Earth, I want to you post it right here. And, if you haven't done anything to help the Earth than write about something that you plan on/want to do in the near future.

Who knows, maybe it will inspire more people to contribute to saving our planet!

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  • Apr 27 2012: Just recently I was fascinated at Nature's glory during a casual observation while I gazed at a tree in amazement. I wondered-A plant or a tree; from where does it evolve- A seed. I was amazed & awe strucked by the thought that if someone simply buries a seed inside a soil and waters it then in a few days a plant comes out of it which eventually grows to a tree; gives fruits/vegetables, shelter, oxygen, shade and so much more.

    Last year as I was cutting vegetables(usually grown with pesticides & harmful chemical fertilizers) there I found a lot of seeds coming out of vegetables. Let's sow them(I thought)!!! And after watering it for about a month it started giving me vegetables which were organic. It tasted so good and it was for free as well(inflation is on a rise).

    Another day I was going on my bike towards city during rainy season. It was all green every where as I witnessed nothing but lush greenery all around me. As if mother earth wrapped in a green dress. During this season I didnt even have to water the plants and I got mango trees coming out of the seeds apart from other plants and trees. It was all effortless.

    I wondered it was so easy to take care of nature which only gives and never asks for anything. Such is the power of nature that when a seed is sown in soil combined with water, it as if miraculously gives out a creation in the form of a tree. All this is so easy. Such is the power potent in the seed, in the soil. Nature's miracle. Evolution!!! So what do I plan!!!

    Whenever I cut vegetables I will keep the seed aside(which doesnt spoil once dried). In India just before the rainy season I will go near a river/lake/pond or any other place with the seeds and something to dig a soil. Lots of varieties of seeds/flowers etc. are available. The place should also be bit isolated so that the plants when come out are safe. Then rain takes care of everything from there. If 1 day I could devote to this task this season then I shall have innumerable trees.

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