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Who is your "hero" and why?

Everyone has someone they look up to, someone they try to emulate, someone that is their inspiration.
I am interested in the name of your "hero", and why.

  • Apr 22 2012: Carl Sagan, His words allowed me the rungs I needed to climb out of a 6 year depression. He inspired me to chase the galaxies and gave me the courage to dream just as big as what I am chasing. Now I have started my journey towards my bs, then hopefully to my masters and/or phd. Also he taught me something very important. It is in the hands of those we consider not experienced enough, children, that the fate of our world lies, we can only seek to make this a better world for those to come from all different ethnicities, sexual orientations, and financial denominations.
  • Apr 22 2012: Carl Sagan: inspiring scientists who could explain science beautifully.
    Francis Crick: great scientist. Knew how to properly extract and abstract a problem in ways that we would be able to find answers.
    Linus Pauling: another brilliant scientist, won two Nobel prices. Huge impact in both chemistry and molecular biology.
    • Apr 22 2012: Your Carl Sagan point is proven =)
      • May 4 2012: I think there is a whole generation of scientists who chose science as a career because of Carl Sagan. I don't know if I was inspired towards science by him (I already had a lot of interest in science), but my thinking about science certainly has a lot of influence from him.
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    Apr 22 2012: Karl Pilkington.
    Funniest man alive.