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Who is your "hero" and why?

Everyone has someone they look up to, someone they try to emulate, someone that is their inspiration.
I am interested in the name of your "hero", and why.


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    Apr 22 2012: Carl Sagan: inspiring scientists who could explain science beautifully.
    Francis Crick: great scientist. Knew how to properly extract and abstract a problem in ways that we would be able to find answers.
    Linus Pauling: another brilliant scientist, won two Nobel prices. Huge impact in both chemistry and molecular biology.
    • Apr 22 2012: Your Carl Sagan point is proven =)
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        May 4 2012: I think there is a whole generation of scientists who chose science as a career because of Carl Sagan. I don't know if I was inspired towards science by him (I already had a lot of interest in science), but my thinking about science certainly has a lot of influence from him.

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