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What is the most painful lesson you experienced and you wish other people to avoid your experience

Some people when came a cross painfull experience they wish every one in the face of the Earth get the same level of pain
other people they wish all other people to avoid such pain
The Question is
What is the most painful lesson you experienced and you wish other people to avoid your experience?
what did you learned?
and what people should to avoid the same situation?


Closing Statement from AbdelRahman Siddig

We can not avoid the feeling of pain it good feeling if we know how to use it
and as the wisdom says " there is hiden treasure buried inside each tragedy"
but we can learn from each other mistakes and save time and efforts

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        May 1 2012: Reply to Mr. Wesley:

        I defiantly agree with those quotes. I believe any person who has a place of oppression in their life will need a deliverer and then a freedom fighter. Deliverers help you to leave your place of oppression. Freedom Fighters lead in obtaining the place of living in freedom. Two great examples would be, Moses in the historical documentation of bringing Israel out of slavery and then Joshua leading them into a land to have their own nation. Another would be Harriet Tubman who lead slaves from slavery, and then Abraham Lincoln who delivered them into a lifestyle of freedom. That as the quote spoke of ripples, caused a wave for a man like Martin Luther King Jr. to fight for equal rights for all races.

        So I defiantly can agree with those quotes. Oppression is broken by leadership serving the oppress. But the oppress still have to choice to follow and work, using their gifts and finding their purpose in service to a leader to brake the chains of oppression.

        Original Post:

        The most painful lesson we believe all people experience is letting go of past experiences that leave an impression on the effectiveness of living. That impression we believe is called oppression. Oppression inhibits people from finding their purpose because they have low self confidence about their passions. That low self confidence comes in the forms of laziness, poor self image, belief in lies that they don't have a chance to be fulfilled, or living to accomplish so much through the avenue of oppressing others.

        The lesson we wish for others to learn is that freedom is harder work than staying oppressed. People can be free but not live in their deliverance. Freedom requires more work than slavery.

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