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What is the most painful lesson you experienced and you wish other people to avoid your experience

Some people when came a cross painfull experience they wish every one in the face of the Earth get the same level of pain
other people they wish all other people to avoid such pain
The Question is
What is the most painful lesson you experienced and you wish other people to avoid your experience?
what did you learned?
and what people should to avoid the same situation?


Closing Statement from AbdelRahman Siddig

We can not avoid the feeling of pain it good feeling if we know how to use it
and as the wisdom says " there is hiden treasure buried inside each tragedy"
but we can learn from each other mistakes and save time and efforts

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    Apr 23 2012: I will share this, a painful mistake I experienced was thinking that because someone was family, I could automatically talk to them any way I wanted to, without respecting them. I did not measure my words, and was downright rude.

    This occured when I was a teenager. I thought the speaking of multiple languages and my university made me smarter then them, and I freely spoke without consideration or respect of their dignity.

    I learned my lesson in time, and this was repaired. Thankfully I now realize that I have to respect everyone, family or not. Each individual deserves my respect. I have learned to avoid thinking I am above the rest.....I am the same as everyone else..............a work in progress.
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      Apr 24 2012: Hi Mary M.
      what made you change ? to be frank , usually people with (power or Extra ability ) Don not respect people with (less power or less ability)
      if you cloud share the story that made each individual deserves your respect
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        Apr 24 2012: Hi AbdelRahman Siddig
        What made me change......it was an undo-it-yourself project.

        After I studied the Bible and I started to read articles that expanded on Bible principles, I realized I had changes to make in my life.

        It took years to change. I had to change the way I spoke, the way I listened, the expressions on my face. I started to associate with individuals that wanted to make changes also.

        I started to speak using more questions to clarify their points, and I also responded more with acknowledgement of their idea, instead of always trying to say rebuttal to their ideas.

        I learned to give the benefit of the doubt to people in general.

        I learned to listen for what was not being said, and not just to what was being said.

        I started to speak softer, slower. I had to learn to show empathy to family and friends.

        Like I said, it took years......and I am still working on many parts of my personality that I know need changing. I have learned to avoid thinking I am above the rest.....I am the same as everyone else..............a work in progress.
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          Apr 27 2012: Mary,
          that's awesome! It is really honorable of you to change.

          Recognizing the problem and actually changing is a BIG step. The bible helped me learn how to understand rules of life. The way you are treated is a reflection of the way you act. And its better to sign on the kinder side because, there is inner peace on that side.
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          Apr 29 2012: Dear Mary,

          Thank you for sharing your story of overcoming ego self centered mind. You weren't alone on such a road...
          My son still indulge in that state of mind; he speaks also 4 languages, his mayor is Bio-Physics and had managed excellent notes in Chemistry, Math and other sciences that requires such profession.
          I'd been concern about such unkind ways and decided to help him to remember kindness in any possible way, before he became a teen he was a kind child.

          Lately, we had to pray for days because a family member got a stroke, a man that used to be a very authoritarian father and pleasing him was the family concern.
          Ten years ago, when I became part of this family. Travels and activities were scheduled without questioning my opinion. Others hated such demanding ways but reminded silence because the inheritance.
          The man has been 2 months in rehab, can walk, talk or digest food properly. I'd asked his closes family member to get together and pray for his health but nobody cares for it, and find any excuse to avoid visiting him at the clinic. (I don't blame them)

          My son visited him at the clinic and when returned home, he told me will pray hard for health for this sick man. He turned to me and hugged me and told me that has been a painful scene to see this man in such sad situation.
          Mom, "He vomits and makes a mess on his shirt..." he said. Then I said, "It is a normal thing to happen when people are sick, I wiped his mouth and clean his shirt after he vomited last Sunday"... Then he looked a me with wet eyes: "How you can do that mom? Then I said: "It is a matter of kindness, I can do it for him or anybody who needs help... you have that in your heart. Just lately, you allowed your ego to take over your kind heart".
          Prior his sickness this man treated others without respect, he alienated kindness to work on his side. His feelings of superiority can't sustain him anymore.
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        Apr 29 2012: Deares Idalia,

        Thank you for sharing this experience. How wonderful to know that around the world we are all alike, and that we can so easily learn lessons the easy way, but more often than not, we sadly must learn life's lessons the hard way.

        I am happy my comment encouraged you to share your experiences. I am all the better for it.

        Be Well Idalia Munoz.

        Mary :)
    • May 2 2012: This is a very good story, thanks for sharing. In my family, we were taught to give an older person utmost respect (even younger people because everyone deserve to be respected). Respect begets Respect.
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        May 2 2012: Hi Ayoka, thank you for your kind comment.

        Wouldn't it have been nice if I didn't have to tell this story?

        Nevertheless, perhaps some young ones reading it might benefit.

        Be Well

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