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What is the most painful lesson you experienced and you wish other people to avoid your experience

Some people when came a cross painfull experience they wish every one in the face of the Earth get the same level of pain
other people they wish all other people to avoid such pain
The Question is
What is the most painful lesson you experienced and you wish other people to avoid your experience?
what did you learned?
and what people should to avoid the same situation?


Closing Statement from AbdelRahman Siddig

We can not avoid the feeling of pain it good feeling if we know how to use it
and as the wisdom says " there is hiden treasure buried inside each tragedy"
but we can learn from each other mistakes and save time and efforts

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      Apr 25 2012: Hi Chris
      I agree with you pain is the greatest chance for grow and build a strong character but many people fail when they are in pain
      but this conversation is not about to avoid the feeling of pain we can not escape that
      but to avoid hard time by learning from each other
      as most of life events are a like
      just the story of Adriana Bevacqua in this conversation we learned a lot from it
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          Apr 26 2012: Hi Chris
          what you said is so amazing but its very hard to achive
          " how a human can be an alchemist, by taking something like this horrible experience and transforming it into something beautiful"
          we all know that but when the real pain hit us during our daily routine the response is different
          we do not jump up like we win a price and say WOW I got my chance of growth
          deep in our hearts we wish if that event never happened
          I remeber one wise man said we can not change the events but we can change the meaning of the events
          why I'm blind and I can not see maybe harness the power of thinking and imaginations nd focus
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          Apr 26 2012: Chris,

          thank you for your kind words :D. My life has been a tough one, but I know many stories out there just like mine or worst. I am just another person.

          Once that situation happened to me, I was more incline to learn from other people. Many of us believe we are untouchable or "that won't happen to me" syndrome. I learned at an early age, "that could happen to me".

          I like to grow, and so I know I have to feel pain. That is what I think makes me change bad into good. I accept pain. I am not afraid to feel pain. I know and believe its a part of a process and can become a resource.

          I think my entire life is a work in progress. With all due respect Chris, I am no hero. Hero's are protectors of the world. I don't feel like I did much, I just got over an emotional issue, and it all paned out. But thank you big time for the props, It fed my ego for the year ;D
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      Apr 25 2012: So true!!

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