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What is the most painful lesson you experienced and you wish other people to avoid your experience

Some people when came a cross painfull experience they wish every one in the face of the Earth get the same level of pain
other people they wish all other people to avoid such pain
The Question is
What is the most painful lesson you experienced and you wish other people to avoid your experience?
what did you learned?
and what people should to avoid the same situation?


Closing Statement from AbdelRahman Siddig

We can not avoid the feeling of pain it good feeling if we know how to use it
and as the wisdom says " there is hiden treasure buried inside each tragedy"
but we can learn from each other mistakes and save time and efforts

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    Apr 24 2012: I feel immense pain when I see people fighting on petty issues like caste, creed and religion..... I always wished if we had one religion through out the world... there would had been more respect in humans towards each other.. Its all about accepting one supreme power..
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        Apr 24 2012: Typo corrected!

        Regarding your question, my argument is "How different people perceive and accept existence of supreme power in their own theory". It revolves around all the theist, who believe in God, but their ideologies are guided by whatever written in their holy books.
        All I am asking them to believe that God is one, and there shall never be any argument on this.

        Let me know if I am still unclear...
        • Apr 24 2012: Everyone having the same religion will not bring peace. Just look at what people of the same religion do to each other.
          Religion by it's nature inspires passion. Passion can inspire both great and bad things.

          However, if people's minds were so dulled that they would mindlessly and unquestioningly follow a single religious idea, then they might indeed be too apathetic to care enough about anything to make trouble about it.
        • Apr 24 2012: I feel that unifying people under one color of authority it a very good way to breed contempt and revolution, the reason we don't all live under one ideology is because we are not the borg, we are not ants, we do not experience things equally, we learn different ways through different methods and expsures. I honestly feel that having humanity under one flag wouldn't do anything but destroy. If you consider the christian roman empire the population where everyone under the sun was a christian or you died. how happy where they? they lived in fear or a god who loved them, fear of an empire who could conquer what appears to be the world. How is that something you could wish on everyone? I know that it is not a clean example but thats why I said use it as a population like the rest of the world did not exist. I feel the exact opposite from you, I think that It is irresponsible and alienating of nature rights to choose the beliefs of a person before they can choose it themselves. Now if somehow someone could create a generic ideology that was not so authoritative and supreme as you suggest, people I feel wouldn't mind or even abuse the belief or ideology because of it's simplicity, It is when things are said that should not have been that people take offense.
        • Apr 24 2012: Perhaps, if we could all accept 'religion', (as a concept), all the same way, with the same importance and reverence, we wouldn't bring up the petty differences that we sem to keep fighting over, century after century.

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