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What is the most painful lesson you experienced and you wish other people to avoid your experience

Some people when came a cross painfull experience they wish every one in the face of the Earth get the same level of pain
other people they wish all other people to avoid such pain
The Question is
What is the most painful lesson you experienced and you wish other people to avoid your experience?
what did you learned?
and what people should to avoid the same situation?


Closing Statement from AbdelRahman Siddig

We can not avoid the feeling of pain it good feeling if we know how to use it
and as the wisdom says " there is hiden treasure buried inside each tragedy"
but we can learn from each other mistakes and save time and efforts

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  • Apr 22 2012: I have experienced my fair share of hardships, but I would not go back and avoid them. i feel that people are becoming more stubborn and are too susceptible to flawed information which is simply the result of inexperience. Experience is by far the most powerful learning tool we have, taking that away even when those hardships can be so painful is removing something that could have made that person so much more unique, individualistic, and special. We all have to struggle through different levels of trial by fire, and somethings should not be done, as we have laws for. but should no violations of a persons rights happen, I would not remove any experiences from their vault of experience that is the brain.
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      Apr 23 2012: Hi Harvey Von Gunderman III
      Thanks for you comment I can not disagree with you , what you said is ture
      its only through experience we can learn
      as you said people who did not lived the event will always be missing part of the story which is real feeling of the event
      but is rise other question is all painfull experiences are useful ?
      and we should go thought it to gain and learn something new
      or there is some painfull experiences which we need JUST to read about to avoid it
      and NOT to live it ?
      • Apr 23 2012: Personally I feel that so long as our nature rights are unharmed, and these are rights that every living creature should have. When we step out of that boundary and preform mass injustices that violate basic rights, It is at those times that I feel people should not have to suffer any of these painful experiences evoked by others will. That can range from war crimes such as torture, genocide, in reality war in general, It is such an infantile response from a world who was too primitive to be able to resolve issues through non violent methods, maybe we still are too primitive. but this also ranges to everyday things, as well. What I mean is that Yes experiences are drastically the one thing people must have, but they would not experience the ones I consider bad to experience if the rest of us got ourselves together and stopped fighting like a bully over everyone's lunch money.
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          Apr 24 2012: I think many people are too primitive in respecting other people

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