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If you have chance to perform a TED talk , what topic you will choose?

Everybody has precious viewpoints, if you are given the opportunity, what do you want to tell the world? My choice: what should we teach to the adopted children.


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  • May 19 2012: All of the problems and crises in society today-in economics, politics, business, government, education, ecology etc-all share the exact same root cause in common. We are piece-meal treating the symptoms of the crises instead of examining the systems and laws of nature as an integral whole of which humanity is a part, where we find the common causal root that requires our attention. This piece-meal symptomatic treatment is why all of these problems and crises continue to appear and grow with no solutions on the horizon, and even worse, forecasts of 100% depletion and possible extinction. Sciences would be used for building the needed explanation bridges during the TEDTalk. If humanity, in all levels of society, begins together to apply efforts that focus on mending the gap found at this root cause, we would more quickly come back into balance with nature, and turn from managing crises to building and growing a world that thrives in balance and harmony, and where each and every person flourishes.

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