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If you have chance to perform a TED talk , what topic you will choose?

Everybody has precious viewpoints, if you are given the opportunity, what do you want to tell the world? My choice: what should we teach to the adopted children.


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    Apr 25 2012: I would like to talk on these.....Misinterpretation, Misinformation, Misuse of Power and Media hype
    • Apr 26 2012: Hi Osama
      My study discipline is about culture, society and media, so I like this topic. May I ask what do you want to tell audience about this 'mis'?
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        Apr 26 2012: Hi Mathilda
        Well, you have chosen quite interesting field, unlike mine(Business/Finance), which gets a little boring, at times.... When i talk about these topics, its a bit non-academic and reflects more of a political scenario(or you can say, reality)... These topics are kinda interlinked.. and its around us..People are in state of confusion, they don't know what is true and what is false..Leading to prejudice...People are being misled, maybe its part of some social political agenda..by some. Media is playing its part, showing what it wants to and the way they want to...And power is being used to suppress the truth and mislead... I can go on with this, but i think its not the right place and its a bit lengthy :D Sorry if i sound more critical... But i think it needs to be addressed...Hope you understand "mis" now :p
        • Apr 27 2012: Hi Osama
          You don't need to feel sorry, what you say is abusolutely correct. View from a certain angle, the public live like a tool to be forced to think and work for the ruling class's interests. Even, most of time the overwheming majority of people don't recognize this tragedy, and regard the misimformation is beneficial to themselves. I and my classmates discussed this topic for several times, but with consensus. Personally, sometimes, 'being a tool' is a stable way to continue harmonious society. (Maybe I'm a little bit pessimistic)
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        Apr 27 2012: Hi Mathilda
        I agree with the point that a lot of people don't recognize this( because they are in their Comfort zone)..and a lot of people turn a blind eye to whats happening around (because they are not bothered with)..Sometimes they are misled and they get into this trap, and develop wrong views... But i don't agree on the point that we should be OK with "being a tool" for harmonious society...You see wrong, say it wrong, and say it loud enough for others to hear it... It doesn't mean that we should turn to violence or become a violent rebel ... stay peaceful and raise your voice..."Be a tool" for helping others.. :)

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