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If you have chance to perform a TED talk , what topic you will choose?

Everybody has precious viewpoints, if you are given the opportunity, what do you want to tell the world? My choice: what should we teach to the adopted children.


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  • Apr 24 2012: I suggest that these forces are so strong that they override the struggle to find out the truth about us, nature and the universe. We do not yet live in a scientific age where the desire for truth is uppermost, The uppermost driver is reputation and acceptance of the fact that all phenomena must arise from 3 dimensional matter.

    If there was a god, he would be quietly waiting for the humility of physicists to gain the upper hand and start searching with a truly open mind.

    There already is such a theory put forth by a reputable professor of physics in a peer reviewed journal, science doesn't seem to be ready to accept it yet.

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