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If you have chance to perform a TED talk , what topic you will choose?

Everybody has precious viewpoints, if you are given the opportunity, what do you want to tell the world? My choice: what should we teach to the adopted children.

  • May 19 2012: All of the problems and crises in society today-in economics, politics, business, government, education, ecology etc-all share the exact same root cause in common. We are piece-meal treating the symptoms of the crises instead of examining the systems and laws of nature as an integral whole of which humanity is a part, where we find the common causal root that requires our attention. This piece-meal symptomatic treatment is why all of these problems and crises continue to appear and grow with no solutions on the horizon, and even worse, forecasts of 100% depletion and possible extinction. Sciences would be used for building the needed explanation bridges during the TEDTalk. If humanity, in all levels of society, begins together to apply efforts that focus on mending the gap found at this root cause, we would more quickly come back into balance with nature, and turn from managing crises to building and growing a world that thrives in balance and harmony, and where each and every person flourishes.
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    Apr 23 2012: I would talk about my physical and emotional journey dealing with Primary Progressive MS.
    I have lost much including the use of my legs and now slowly, my arms, hands and abdominals.
    Nerve damage is occurring on many fronts and It is, and has been inexorable. There is no treatment. (although i have tried a bunch of off label stuff)
    I have learned about joy and winning against despair. I have been innovating like there is no tomorrow. (There isn't a lot of tomorrow)
    I have found acceptance and happiness amidst the carnage.
    • Apr 23 2012: Without experience, I think it's hard to imagine that suffering period of you. Congratulations for you to overcome the carnage and get the most precious treasure in life, you found acceptance and happiess. We need to learn have to live a positive life and find the meaning of it.
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      Apr 24 2012: I think I speak for everyone when I say that would be splendid. Inspirational stories like this can be often life-changing for select individuals.
  • Apr 22 2012: I would try to reinforce the Ideology that helping provide any increase in prosperity for those less fortunate than yourself could help give some people hope where there seems to be only darkness and despair.
    • Apr 23 2012: Hi Harvey.
      I deem your topic is very meaningful, we should help the less fortunate. There are many works we could do, like donation, hold activities to attract more attention to those who need help. Could you please tell us in your TED talk, what's the most important aspect should be focused on? Is education, more advanced technologies to alleviate health issue,vulnerable female, living necessaries or something else? :)
      • Apr 23 2012: Hello Mathilda

        Thank you for appreciating my topic, I feel that there are several areas to start battle on, those being
        1. A lack of self when one works, together with a large enough number of like minded people.
        2. We as a planet must see that though tradition can keep us in touch with who we are and where we are from, It hinders our ability to become who we need to be, and how we go about things.
        3. I feel that helping 3rd world countries lift out of poverty and learn how to live as some of us do, should they wish it.
        4. We must work toward providing equal rights among all ethnicities, sexes, sexual orientations, financial denominations, and religious beliefs. (that means not subjugating others for their differences from ourselves)
        5. Money must be seen as a resource and not an essential thing. Though money is a great thing to have, but we are so caught up in having it that we forget what having so much of it is good for.
        6. There are so many more. but these are great places to begin imo.
        • Apr 25 2012: Hi Harvey.
          Sorry for replying so late...
          My recent study discipline is culture, I think it's related to your first two main points. Here are some personal analyses. A group pf people share the same culture, they don't want to be isolated with others, therefore, they automatically will get close to the mainstream ideology. Individual is likely to worried about his/her mind is not approperate enough, or he/she is too outstanding even against others especially who has higher position than you in some points, you will be not admitted by others. So, many times we have the ability to improve something, but we did not put our minds into effect. It's too arduous to tacke human nature of pursuing group safety.

          In terms of the third and fourth points. I totally agree with you that equal rights should be given to everyone in the world, regardless different gender, races, classes and more. In essence, we are the same. As you mentioned, we should give hand to the 3rd world, we should admit everyone is the same. I come from the 3rd world, so I cannot be too glad to see you concentrate on these.

          Regarding money, I'm curious about this part. May I ask how much money is enough for an individual in your mind? Maybe not the exact number, just choose the criterion you like to describe.

      • Apr 25 2012: Speed is no worry in my mind.
        What I mean by no self in work is we as human beings have seamlessly figured that wanting more than we need is an appropriate mental condition that we can neglect it's negative aspects like they do not exist. What I mean is that when over large areas people will knowingly work together for a goal to help others rather than look to get something for themselves.

        In regards to money, let me better explain my meaning, everyone should be able to acquire the quantity of any resource they need to survive. period. I feel that money, too, is one of these resources. It should not be an incentive to diversify the people of a nation breeding contempt and disrespect in the minds of the less fortunate. I feel that if money took on the form of a resource like currency which could only provide for essentials such are living, utilities, food, fuel, things of that sort, and everyone were allowed the opportunity to make what they need to get by in the world. as well as having a second form of currency in which we use for vain things, materialistic things, going out buying a car, buying things for ourselves. this second form of money if the only money that can be used for the nicer things, there is no exchange rate in between the 2. #2 can be used for #1 but #1 cannot be used for #2 or else the system is useless.

        It saddens me when I do think about such things for great periods of time because I feel that there are far to beings with the ideologies or openmindedness required to make something like this happen. I am truly banking on what the future has in store for how I can go about manipulating this horribly broken system we call the world and mold it into something better, with the help of the people of the world that is. hopefully =)
        • Apr 26 2012: These two points are that all humanity should consider serious.

          Regarding second point, I have some viewpoints from other angles. You mentioned that money to afford necessary is fair enough. It's human nature to pursue better life, a person want more than he/she already get, sometimes, is the main motivation of working harder. Even it's the basis of the devepment of society. And the definition of necessary is vary from class to class, even the necessary also have sumptuous brand. Simplicity is the best, but I's not sure it is a kind of backwardness or development. What's your opinion?
      • Apr 26 2012: That is the way it is, I feel that we should remove that aspect, yes we should seek to better our lives, but only to a point that's needed. We don't all need to be CEO's just as we can't all work at McDonalds. I just feel that we push too hardly for a better life, so hard the we easily forget many of the consequences and repercussions of that vigorous pursuit. We rely on the excuse "We are only human beings" far too much, In fact that is the most counterproductive statement we could choose to use to excuse ourselves. Human nature has lead to becoming the first genetic variation to leave the confines of this planet. we are one of it not the only species that defied the biology we were granted to pursuit things that only other species could do, deep sea exploration, underwater breathing, 0g flight within the atmosphere. We can replicate the very process our sun has used for billions of year to provide light, warmth, and energy for not only ourselves but every object within the confines of our sun's gravitational reach. We have placed looking glasses into our orbit to better let us gaze to the edges of our horizon. Yes, it may be human nature, but human nature is the most powerful force of innovation, compassion, and selflessness we have seen. Though it can be easily used to the wrong reasons, it is within our order, within our species we must limit our imprint upon everything else. This planet it not ours, we are simply renting an apartment and thing every other tenant should pay us rent. =) In time I see this changing drastically
        • Apr 27 2012: Yes, things change too fast that people almost forget the simplest essences. The earth is not ours, it forever belongs to the next generation, not only human but also plants and animals. As for human nature, it's double sided. Humanity confront different situation with different reaction with present different nature. Even in the ancient world, the ansectors of us (the apes)will kill the group members to get higher position although sometimes if not, they had to die. In another case, parents are selfless to their kids. These all are human nature.
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    Apr 29 2012: Given the opportunity, I would love to talk about the importance of aknowledging the loss of power inflicted upon all the citizens worldwide by the misleading manipulated and filtred information (focusing on political events and scientific discoveries and advances) that arrives to the houselholds around the world. I beleve that once this is aknowledged a positive collective reaction will take place.

    Another topic that I find very interesting is power of social businesses. By this I mean businesses that sustain their costs but do not generate profits to its owner (apart from a normal salary). In this way the producer surplus is dispersed among all consumers and suppliers, giving everybody a fair price for the same value. Situations where this would be extremely helpful is in the food industry of developing countries.

    Finally, I would love to be able to talk about the little discussed topic of domestic policy adjustment as a much more effective support to underdeveloped countries than "aid". And I would start this talk by pointing out that a 2% reduction of agricultural subsidies given by the EU to its members would generate in african countries the double of all the foreign aid they recieve.
  • Apr 26 2012: Have teachers got it all wrong? Can children learn without teachers explicitly providing the answers or can they, through communication and cooperation, work out the answers to most problems. Are teachers modelling an outdated Victorian system which inhibits creative thinking by providing an authoritarian figure with all the answers.
    • Apr 27 2012: Hey Kieron.
      Personally, teachers should work just like a guidance, they should not provide an authoritarian figure to students although they actually not. In deeply terms, it's the inappropriate result of social development.
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    Apr 26 2012: I may wanna talk about the major differences between the eastern and western cultures briefly.
    • Apr 26 2012: Hi Carrie
      I also curious about this area, especially the distinct communication manner. What are the the major differences in your mind? :)
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    Apr 25 2012: Hey Mathilda,
    Well, i have a story called "The Differentiator", which speaks about the importance of "doing things other words "to stay special among many". That was a real life story of me and my experience with a beggar in a railway station.

    Now, where do you want me to share that story :).
    • Apr 25 2012: Thank you for your kind offer. If you don't mind, you can share it just here. Or, you are free to email me.
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        Apr 25 2012: Oh ya sure. :), dont u have a gmail or a yahoo account?
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    Apr 25 2012: I would talk on - The importance of being a "Differentiator
    • Apr 25 2012: Hello Phani. I agree with you that being a differentiator is very very important in almost every fields. Difference means you are so special, you cannot be alternative! Every individual is special but not everyone is a differentiator, sometimes we have potentiality but self-unknowing. Including me, I think everyone likes your TED talk! Could you please share your topic in more details? Or what do you think the method of activating hidden ability? :)
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    Apr 25 2012: The need for health care to evolve to prevention and helping the body heal itself.
    Nowadays the body is seen as a machine, from which parts malfunction from time to time and need to be repaired with external tools. It is still considered rude to tell people their ailments could be prevented by a change in lifestyle.
    Many people don't take responsibility for their own health. Sickness is expected to be patched up by the doctors and responsible or risky habits are rarely changed.
    On the other hand, when disease strikes medicines are supplied to fight it, or atleast supress the symptoms. While this seems to be effective it also has negative effects on the body, as evident by the many side effects that come with most medicine. The body itself has a very underestimated ability to heal itself. By providing the right 'keys' this ability can be greatly enhanced, without the range of side effects that come with modern medicine. Many of these keys can be found in the plant kingdom, and actually have been used throughout the ages by many different civilizations. We now have the technology to scientifically prove what substances can help the body cure itself and it would be a huge loss to mankind if we did not take advantage of this natural apothecary.
    • Apr 25 2012: Hi Sander.

      It's a very good point and I agree with you. The fragility of human body could be attributed to internal and external reasons. Internal reason is we don't pay adequate attention on healthy, like you said: wrong lifestyle.
      As for external reason is medicine ( In China, toxic food is more serious than medicine), our body is seemingly improved, to a further extent, which is actually weakended. You mentioned 'plant kingdom', that a good idea, natural is the best. Nevertheless, these strategies are hard to be put into practice. Natural plant is not as many as that in previous time, and maybe take longer time to treat the ailments ( Not suitable for the fast-pace life style in contemporary society ). More important, this method does not benefit the medical industry, which focus more on profits in many cases.

      Actually, I'm really really support your viewpoint!

      Here is a TED talk about medical industry. I learn a lot from it, hope it also could help you.
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        Apr 25 2012: Hey Mathilda,

        Thank you for you response and the link to that interesting talk.
        These strategies are indeed hard to implement and there is much resistance to it. A lot of knowledge about plants as a medicine has been lost, but some of it still remains.
        I have been experimenting a little myself, on simple things like contusions and wounds and have found that even unprocessed comfrey, picked from the waterside where I live and aloe, from Fuerteventura where I went for surfing, make these minor injuries heal faster and with less inflammation then when left untreated or, for example, treated with providon-iodine. Ofcourse it wasn't on the scale of a real scientific study, but I think it shows potential.
        Not all modern medicine is bad and we probably wouldn't be this advanced if we didn't have it at all, but like you said, most of it is based on profits instead of the best interest for the patients. The lack of potential for profit is the very reason that so little research is committed into it. On the other hand I see initiatives being set up here in the Netherlands to research potential plants, so there is an increasing interest.
        Complementing herbal medicine to our existing medical care would already be a great start.
        • Apr 26 2012: Wow, your experience is so cool. If medical industry could get benefits from plants, the public also could have better and better body. And it seems have huge potential. Wish that day come out as quick as possible.
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    Apr 24 2012: Thanks Borrah, The journey of course proceeds and the dark moments come. The tricky question is .. How fast can I scrape them off? I mean not to blame those who cannot do it. They have more than enough trouble with out making that ridiculous comparison. We all differ and I have only have empathy for those unable to escape despair. Mine is situational and my remedy will not work for everyone.
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    Apr 24 2012: Job market research.. Are our students doing it? Are students unknowingly choosing majors that will bear no fruit?
    • Apr 25 2012: Useful topic----Job market research. But, I'm a bit no sure what effect it will have on the students that choose unpopular majors, will they lose hope? Or, as we know, TED is very powerful even is able to shift viewers attitudes, will this talk reinforce the inbalancing population among different fields? In order to make this TED talk more effective, there are many other implications could be taken into consideration. What do you think and how to deliver your opinion perfetcly while addressing these potential problems? Actually, if there is TED talk like this, I'm very willing to watch it !
  • Apr 24 2012: I would talk about Ted, how amazing and scary this place can be.To be confronted by so many intellects in one place is both eye opening and wonderful at the same time maddening . Before finding Ted I had spent my sixty-nine years in a self imposed bubble with my family and friends just moving through time with an occasional bump in the road and sometimes a random out side the bubble thought would ramble through and and I would label them crazy,silly ,impossible ,and then I found Ted and all those thoughts came rushing back . You see when I was very young I tried some mind altering drugs the usual lsd,peyote, cilisiban and that was usually when these thoughts came to me.Now here I am at TED same thoughts with out the side effects. if I never had a thought ,Ted would make me think, if I never had an opinion,Ted would help me create one,if I needed a fight,Ted would find me one,and for all of that I thank Ted,and all of you who have made this wonderland
    • Apr 25 2012: Hi Arthur. Yes, we all love TED, to some extent, TED is the source of our spirit. That's exactlly why we are here. And, no TED, no communication between you and me!
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    Apr 23 2012: Thanks Mathilda, Your soft touch is appreciated. No doubt by more than me. I am endlessly frustrated (also amusing) and there is also joy in the fact that I refuse to suffer for long and thus, i do not. At least thats what i say:).
    • Apr 25 2012: Hi Brain. I'm sure if you give a TED talk to the us, we must feel encouraged! I appreciate your willpower and positive minds while confront the world.
  • Apr 23 2012: DON'T EVER QUIT CHASING YOUR DREAMS, AND SEE WHO GETS TIRED FIRST... I am not a successful man or a celebrity, but not all ideas articulate from someone who really achieves something. It can also be the experiences of a person who is striving in search of himself/ herself.
    Why am I saying so? Yes, of course, because I am chasing my dreams, and I know it will not be concluded as DOG CHASING CARS. Sometimes, when I get tired of doing that, I glance at epitomes of success like Ruskin Bond, J.K. Rowling, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates etc. Because, they saw the dream some time and they ran crazily after that. Probably, We can say Dream was their prime adversary not the real humans who ever ran as competitor for the same dreams.
    I always think of this chase with no fix awards. It can welcome more than one chaser in once. I am striving to become a writer and some times ago when I was rejected by a number of publishers, I thought my dream more dependent on other's preferences. My pace was slow and beads of perspiration dominated over my strengths, I thought of letting my life with time and thinking of preferring it to do something for me. But, then I saw my dream laughing at me which smiled sometimes. I felt ridiculous for me and I drag my notebook along with pen and started scribbling. I submitted my manuscript with no pain no gain maxim. I started feeling felicity of always gaining at least something because there was nothing I could lose.
    I got the positive response but with unsure timeline. I have almost caught my dream, but it still runs away. I am still chasing it with a furtive laugh that i would catch it one day. I can see my dream gasping and huffing.
    • Apr 23 2012: The process of chasing goals always to be very very tough. Although not everyone could be Bill Gates, we can be ourselves. Just make sure what you really want and keep on moving in a right direction, I'm sure one day your life will full of sunshine. Also, I still believe that sometimes admirable process is much more important that the destination. The most most significant point is not bury a regret seed for future. KEEP ON YOUR DREAM!
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    Apr 23 2012: To love oneanother, This is what God, Buddha, Gandhi______ (insert your favorite) preached. Hate has to be eliminated be for the wars and all other hate wipes out the reasonable Man/Woman.
    • Apr 23 2012: Hi Don
      It's grateful for you to share ideas of love from such a profound view. In China, our common belief is Buddha, which focus a lot on loving each other. And I agree with you that many wars result from hate. Without hate, world could be more harmonious and peaceful. But, hate is inevitable in many time, what do you think?
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        Apr 27 2012: Sadly this is so, I would like more ideas that could incorporate unconditional love ino our lives, See my conversation on unconditional love. Thanks, much love to you and yours.
    • Apr 24 2012: 1. God, an imagined entity, does not preach love or forgiveness. God preaches the same thing men preach slavery, genocide, and eternal punishment. There is no shred of unconditional love or compassion, in fact the opposite is true.

      2. The Buddha did not speak so much about love, The Buddha spoke of compassion and empathy.

      3. Gandhi did not preach of love, in fact he may well have caused a war with the Muslims given more time. Gandhi was a Hindu fundamentalist, Gandhi did not have much love for anyone who was not a fundamentalist Hindu. In fact most of modern India's problems were all set in motion by this fakir.

      Hate is not the cause of war, the emotion of hatred is exploited by those who desire war, for many reasons, to enlist the masses in their causes.
      • Apr 26 2012: Well, actually, we prefer regard compassion and empathy as kind of broad love ( I do not know this in other countries, as least in China it is).

        Hate is on of the causes of war. Those who desire war because they want to derive something, which results from hate.
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    Apr 22 2012: I would discuss why being a teenage mom isn't the end of the road, and while you may struggle for some time to reach the goals you've always wanted to, why its important to stay true to those goals. I would speak with some personal accounts to have this message intertwined and hidden.
    • Apr 23 2012: Hello Kelly
      Being a mom and keeping on moving while stay true are great experiences, and I think we can learn more from them than we thought before. Could you share more details with us? Bullet points, something impressive you related to this or anything you want. :)
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        Apr 23 2012: Hi Mathilda,
        Since you posted this, I've been thinking about ideas and how to translate them. Emotions, and how to put them into words.
        I had my oldest daughter extremely young, and this topic is very close to my heart, as myself I am still struggling to meet my dreams, and I struggle daily to keep them alive.
        I think after these reality shows have been produced exploiting teen moms and their family, an odd sense of entertainment has come from these unfortunately situations, and is disillusioning girls in believing that it's easy to have a child, and keep their goals and dreams alive. Honestly, teenage pregnancy isn't going any where's. We may just call it by a different name; right now its a "fad," in the 1990's it was an "epidemic," in he 60's and 70's it was "freelove," from the 30's-50's it was a "secret."

        I would speak, or discuss how teenage pregnancy isn't on the rise on an international scale, but it has stayed very steady over the past century. I would want to point out that we only really pay attention to these teen mom stories for the 9 months of pregnancy, the hours of labor and maybe 6 months-a year after. Then the entertainment is gone, so we move on. I would want to pose the question, what next? What happens to the mother next? How can we as a society help them finish high school, and realize their goals after high school? How can we help them keep their dreams alive, without giving them a reality show? What do people need when they have children, and what special resources do girls need between the ages of 13-19 need to have children and maintain their education and dreams?

        These ideas and questions are important issues that society needs to tackle. In our world now, how can we act as a community to help a child raise a child, and allow both of them grow.
        • Apr 24 2012: Hi Kelly
          Sorry for reply it so late. You remind me a movie called 'Juno', which also portraies the pregnant experience of a high school girl, she gave birth that baby and sent it to another woman who need a member in family. This movie did not tell me 'next', but this is exactly the most important point grobal society need to think about. Teenage pregnancy is becoming more and more 'popular', and I agree with you now it means fashion in many areas. Actually, it's too young for teenagers to decide the road of remaining future. And, the system is not good enough to promise ' next' to these young moms and their children, even the moms are difficult to afford daily cost and education fees for themselves. How to to deal with these issues? Personally, I think the allocation of government's expenditure on education and teenage mom situation is far bellow they deserve. Meanwhile, society also need to consider how to shift the attitudes of young girls. They have dreams and of course, should chase the goals, but the situation lets them slow even stop the pace. However, If only pay for girls 'not that appropriate decisions', it just stimulates the tendency to some extent. Maintain a balance of help and focus on prevention maybe are suitable methods.
  • May 1 2012: For me? The need to see students as educators with their own stories to tell, and the need for an inclusive and holistic classroom viewpoint, especially in higher education. How opening up to students and asking them to talk about their stories of what they want in their learning makes the classroom environment rich and dynamic.
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    Apr 30 2012: For me it would be the dream or reality about growing global wisdom. Next to knowledge sharing, increased Internet communication (like in might lead to growth in global wisdom. A general level of people understanding each other, agreeing on common behaviours and values. And in this way reducing the risk of wars and other abuses.
  • Apr 30 2012: Astronomy and the wonders of the universe, paired with famous inventors and scientists.Definitely
  • Apr 30 2012: I would love to speak about how people play chess with words in the method and manner in which they communicate
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    Apr 30 2012: I would like to speak about how important you're life is for you and what can you do with this presious gift and the time you're wasting by doing things you don't want to do thank you
  • Apr 29 2012: pls
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    Apr 29 2012: I would, in honor of Randy Pausch, give the last lecture I give my students every year. I would show tedsters that this profession of teaching is not only here to educate but is here to motivate, empower, and intrigue students to find their own passion and persue.
    • Apr 29 2012: pls help me get 6 ways by which the world is saved by paul stamet
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    Apr 29 2012: I would talk about the environment, why it is deteriorating, what we can do to fix it, and then show a plan of action concerning energy, food, and climate. I would do this simply because it is the most important issue in the world right now. Yes people may starve, or there may be a war, or a financial collapse but the climate change affects EVERYONE and will affect everyone until it is either fixed or until we die/leave Earth. The climate change, in my opinion, is the single most important and largest issue ever dealt with in human history up to this point.
  • Apr 29 2012: Dear Mathilda,
    Given a chance I would like to talk along with a pen pal of mine whom I know for last 5 years and we would like to speak how a pen pal helps us look at the world with an open mind. Since I have met this friend through a social network (which was for learning languages) I have started looking at this world in a biased way, but biased from both the ends, I have become more empathetic. I have come out of being an ethiocentric person to a person who believes every culture has its own importance and has also made me think about how much do I really know about my culture.
  • Apr 29 2012: AI(Artificial intelligence) : Can we define Consciousness?
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    Apr 29 2012: Topic: Kindness is contagious.... Why not have a "World Kindness Day". What is the one single thing you would do on that day. And how the ripple effect would fix what is wrong with the world today.
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    Apr 29 2012: do we take the easy way out and avoid trouble? or fight for what we believe in.... even if it might cause us some harm!
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    Apr 29 2012: as girls , how can we find our Mr Right ?
  • Apr 29 2012: Untapping the magnificient Energy within and using it to create and chart our lives to suit our needs.
  • Apr 29 2012: The importance of human cultural diversity as part of the whole need to manage global biodiversity.
  • Apr 28 2012: A nurse.
  • Apr 28 2012: Its the policies regarding privatisation of the departmrnt. Privatisaion is not the only solution for departmnent.
    Its the policies regarding distribution of letter. And some ghood policies considering the public service.
  • Apr 27 2012: The ability to turn off your critical mind. How and Why many people live their day to day adult life's without wondering about the BIG questions.
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    Apr 26 2012: I would probably talk about the art of collecting things and that hoarding certain things can lead other things. Most museums started from the basis of one person's collection of antiquities. It took someone who cared, to preserve the past for others to enjoy and learn from. We stigmatize hoarding through crazy TV shows, but my own obsessions with books and records have led me to writing about the subjects of my collections and have led me to meeting some of my cultural heroes and even helped me in TV and movie appearances taht woudl never have happened if it had not been for my collecting passions. I would share with others that collecting can be beneficial if done with purpose and passion.
    • Apr 27 2012: Hi Greg
      That's a interesting perspective. Do you agree the art of collecting things become commercial projects?
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        Apr 27 2012: Yes. At least that is true for the collections that have been turned into museums and somewhat with my own collections. I think people often find a unique way to make their collections "pay off" in some way. My interest in records has certainly gotten me some great benefits and some commercial gain (not that much in actual dollars though...yet).
  • Apr 26 2012: On department of post, Govt of India
    • Apr 27 2012: Hi Tejas.
      Could you please tell me more detailed perspectives?
      • Apr 27 2012: I am working in dept of post . govt of india. If i will get an opportunity to talk in TED. I will definatley talk on the departmental policy and where departmanet is going considering the global standards.
        • Apr 27 2012: May l ask what policies?Could you set an example?
  • Apr 26 2012: Look for my response, I typed into the wrong text box. Thanks
  • Apr 26 2012: Compassion and empathy exist without love. Love is an emotion, even those without any emotions can act in a compassionate and empathetic manner.

    Hate, in a very few cases, where one leader simply hates another, may have been the cause of war, but hate is simply another emotion,

    We usually go to war for economic reasons to expand territory or resolve by force a territorial disagreement, or to gather a larger labor force; religious and ideological differences can also be the root causes of wars. In any of these cases hatred, usually stemming from ignorance and fear, is exploited by the leadership to ensure the general population, upon whom they depend, will fully buy in to an enterprise that may well cost them their lives.

    Those who initiate wars only desire to increase their wealth and power at any cost, including sacrificing the lives of anyone too foolish to see through their lies.
    • Apr 27 2012: Would you mind set a specific example for me about those without any emotions can act in a compassionate and empathetic manner?

      Hate could stem from jealousness, which could stem from reasons like economic and fossil fuel in some cases.
  • Apr 26 2012: communication
    • Apr 27 2012: Hey Pocahontas.
      May I ask what kind of communication?
  • Comment deleted

    • Apr 26 2012: will we need $1000+ watches when we can create atomic clocks that fit in our brains?
      • Apr 27 2012: Why we still need watch when we have mobile phones?
    • Apr 27 2012: May I guess what you want to say is that it can present high social class?
  • Apr 26 2012: i would choose human behaviour!
    • Apr 26 2012: Well, sounds interesting. Could you please put it into more details that we could know more about this meaning topic? :)
      • Apr 30 2012: yes mathilda i would talk about the behaviour of people who lose their families at very young age..their fears,their insecurities.the way they grow from sensitive children into frustrated and even- more- sensitive people.the way they look reality into the eye and deny it..
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    Apr 25 2012: I would like to talk on these.....Misinterpretation, Misinformation, Misuse of Power and Media hype
    • Apr 26 2012: Hi Osama
      My study discipline is about culture, society and media, so I like this topic. May I ask what do you want to tell audience about this 'mis'?
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        Apr 26 2012: Hi Mathilda
        Well, you have chosen quite interesting field, unlike mine(Business/Finance), which gets a little boring, at times.... When i talk about these topics, its a bit non-academic and reflects more of a political scenario(or you can say, reality)... These topics are kinda interlinked.. and its around us..People are in state of confusion, they don't know what is true and what is false..Leading to prejudice...People are being misled, maybe its part of some social political some. Media is playing its part, showing what it wants to and the way they want to...And power is being used to suppress the truth and mislead... I can go on with this, but i think its not the right place and its a bit lengthy :D Sorry if i sound more critical... But i think it needs to be addressed...Hope you understand "mis" now :p
        • Apr 27 2012: Hi Osama
          You don't need to feel sorry, what you say is abusolutely correct. View from a certain angle, the public live like a tool to be forced to think and work for the ruling class's interests. Even, most of time the overwheming majority of people don't recognize this tragedy, and regard the misimformation is beneficial to themselves. I and my classmates discussed this topic for several times, but with consensus. Personally, sometimes, 'being a tool' is a stable way to continue harmonious society. (Maybe I'm a little bit pessimistic)
      • thumb
        Apr 27 2012: Hi Mathilda
        I agree with the point that a lot of people don't recognize this( because they are in their Comfort zone)..and a lot of people turn a blind eye to whats happening around (because they are not bothered with)..Sometimes they are misled and they get into this trap, and develop wrong views... But i don't agree on the point that we should be OK with "being a tool" for harmonious society...You see wrong, say it wrong, and say it loud enough for others to hear it... It doesn't mean that we should turn to violence or become a violent rebel ... stay peaceful and raise your voice..."Be a tool" for helping others.. :)
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    Apr 25 2012: Oh ya sure. :), dont u have a gmail or a yahoo account?
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    Apr 25 2012: I may talk on the following topic: Why everyone should have a heart-attack at the age of 18 years?!!!
    • Apr 25 2012: Hello Ravin, your topic is so innovative. May I guess the importance of having a heart-attack at the age of 18 is that remind us to value our life? What you think?
      • thumb
        Apr 26 2012: yes....just imagine a world where everyone understand the value of life. We all are just like a temporary files in computer....
        The answer for why heart attack is, few months back I read an article with the title Thank you Heart attack, by Gunvant Shah where the author mentions how life changed after that incident.

        Mathilda, I have too much philosophy in my bag(just like any other
        Take care.
        • Apr 26 2012: Yep! To some extent, we are all philosopher lol~

          I trust you can deliver the talk you want to many many people one day!

          ' Thank you heart attack', good article! I will read it,thank you for sharing
  • Apr 25 2012: What to do when God's laws and the law of the land are at odds. For example, the more I read about the incredible healing powers of Hemp oil (AKA "hash oil") for cancer and many other aliments, the more I have to wonder if the Laws of the land are truly for my benefit. God said, Genesis 1:29: "God said [to Adam]: ‘“I give you all the seed-bearing plants of the world for your food.’” It seems to me that something God gave me is being taken away by mere mortals. What I am suggesting is that medical hemp oil should be as available by prescription as any other drug -- it was used for decades and prescribed by doctors in the 1800s and up to about 1924.

    I have come to the conclusion that the laws of the land are for the benefit of the drug businesses and not my benefit -- and that is why I ask the question -- What to do when God's laws and the law of the land are at odds? Anyone who has not studied the subject of the benefits of hemp oil will be quite surprised at what they find out ... and, for the record I have never used illegal drugs in my life ... I do however, very much want this as a legal option in Canada.

    Have a look at: and look at the video, RUN FROMTHE CURE.
  • Apr 24 2012: I would attempt to turn the energy debate in a different direction. When we hear discussion about energy and it's environmental impact, we almost always hear about more sources of fossil fuels, the argument of nuclear versus other models, the future of renewables like wind etc. What we don't ever discuss is that an information technology revolution has changed the long-held assumption of the industrial age and that we have failed to come to a singular observance of its historical meaning which impacts the debate about energy. MY speech would assert that energy policy and information policy are now nearly one in the same. I have worked for several companies (I'm 56) and have found that most don't have a CIO, have little or no information policies and this casual attitude where companies sometimes think a CTO or IT manager--an executive who throws technology at problems and calls it a strategy--is enough are clueless as to how much energy they waste and how much exposure they risk. On a much higher level--national--the idea of marrying information policy with energy policy and doing the grunt work of finding out when all jobs, including educating young people are truly done where not just "processing" but mastery has been achieved, can be a win win--reducing all the fat currently in casual attitudes toward use of energy in the knowledge economy and producing a smarter work force without having to evangelize ecology directly. It's all just dollars and sense.
  • Apr 24 2012: I suggest that these forces are so strong that they override the struggle to find out the truth about us, nature and the universe. We do not yet live in a scientific age where the desire for truth is uppermost, The uppermost driver is reputation and acceptance of the fact that all phenomena must arise from 3 dimensional matter.

    If there was a god, he would be quietly waiting for the humility of physicists to gain the upper hand and start searching with a truly open mind.

    There already is such a theory put forth by a reputable professor of physics in a peer reviewed journal, science doesn't seem to be ready to accept it yet.
  • Apr 24 2012: Scientific Method and Truth
    Most non-physicists wouldn't attempt to understand the 10 dimensions of string theory, and therefore understand even less what other aspects of physics are still unknown. But they are nevertheless there.

    What if the scientists responsible for the most expensive physics experiment yet (LHC) were actually to admit that its failure had shown their current physics paradigm to have no evidence to back it up?

    What if the cosmologists admitted that after years of searching they no longer expected to find the dark matter and dark energy required to support the big-bang hypothesis?

    What if the neurologists and those researching consciousness admitted that they now accepted a fundamental physical understanding of it and this meant that it could not arise from 3 dimensional matter?

    I am suggesting here that the current 3-dimensional-matter-only paradigm has several significant gaps, gaps that are not readily admitted by the scientists concerned and so not understood by the majority.

    What if a replacement physics paradigm showed some form of hierarchy to the structure of matter, a hierarchy which clearly necessitated an outside-of-time dimension and at the same time showed how Einstein's relativity had come about? This very same dimension was then also being used to allow consciousness to perform the way it does?

    I suggest that acceptance of these facts would require some form of humility. I'm hypothesising that were this situation to arise, those physicists concerned would be forced to give up the notion that the universe can be owned through the intellect and instead would be forced to accept that it was actually somebody else's. The physicists' ethos is that all phenomena are emergent from 3 dimensional matter and this fact must be implicitly accepted by all who wish to participate in the physics scene. The forces against such a change are psychological, financial, cultural and personal.

    I suggest that these forces are so strong that t
  • Comment deleted

    • Apr 25 2012: Hi Bharath. Nice to talk with you. You mentioned poverty and extermely different distribution of wealth, of course, there are very good points! And, you said problems existed in the past and the solutions of them, could you tell us more your topic?:)
  • Apr 23 2012: Let me begin this by saying I am not a scientist, nor do I have the time to invest in the research that could turn a theory into a startling reality. From what I have read to date though, the question as to the origin of man comes to question by those who are willing to consider some more creative alternatives. At first, when reading up on these alternatives, you tend to shake your head and wonder how some of these fools actually could afford a keyboard, but every now and then you come across something that hints to a larger question. The RH factor existing in the human blood is one of those questions. According to what I have read, the RH factor is a remnant of our evolution, and is a gift from one of our distant ancestors which exist in the genetic family tree, however around 5% of man is RH negative, which means that he/she may not have come down the same branch of evolution. Are there differences between RH+ and RH- people – yes. It seems that there are, and RH- people are also more centralized in Europe, north Africa and the middle east, which is interestingly where most of the religious and mythological events which document the event of human / angel or human / alien hybrid – depending on your point of view. Some of the more extreme views regard the alien / demon as the same entity.
  • Apr 23 2012: I think looking at the history of man through the eyes of any one discipline, be it Mythology, religion or even science leads to half-truths. I think the answer to the true origin of our species lies in all 3 categories. Mythology speaks of men being born to woman by fathered by the gods, Hercules being the most common. Religion speaks of the Nephilim, the mighty fallen half-bred humans. I have heard some loose scientific theories that attempt to identify the Nephilim / Demi-Gods by using genetics and have raised the questions around the RH factor in the human blood – some being RH Positive (showing that we have remnants of the Rhesus Monkey gene, and some blood shows as being RH Negative, which raises highlights that the sample did not evolve down the traditional human evolutionary line? Is there any water in this theory?
    • Apr 23 2012: Hi Evan
      It's a very interesting topic. As for the origin for humanity, they are many different theories behind it. Without more specific and valid evidence, I cannot say a theory with water or not. But I trust that the existence means value to some extent. By the way, I like your perspectives.
  • Apr 23 2012: Designing Freedom ala Stafford Beer .... using the principles used to develop the Viable Systems model
    • Apr 23 2012: Hi David
      It seems interesting. Could you please tell more anbout how to apply these principles to design Freedom als Stafford Beer?
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    Apr 23 2012: My choice: How can we create high speed internet access to the entire globe?
    • Apr 23 2012: Hi Zachary
      I like this topic! Immediate sharing from one country to another is very very significant. Personally, there are many complicated programs that prevent high speed internet access like censorship, firewall. In China, we even can hardly enter Google... ...