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If you have chance to perform a TED talk , what topic you will choose?

Everybody has precious viewpoints, if you are given the opportunity, what do you want to tell the world? My choice: what should we teach to the adopted children.


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  • Apr 22 2012: I would try to reinforce the Ideology that helping provide any increase in prosperity for those less fortunate than yourself could help give some people hope where there seems to be only darkness and despair.
    • Apr 23 2012: Hi Harvey.
      I deem your topic is very meaningful, we should help the less fortunate. There are many works we could do, like donation, hold activities to attract more attention to those who need help. Could you please tell us in your TED talk, what's the most important aspect should be focused on? Is education, more advanced technologies to alleviate health issue,vulnerable female, living necessaries or something else? :)
      • Apr 23 2012: Hello Mathilda

        Thank you for appreciating my topic, I feel that there are several areas to start battle on, those being
        1. A lack of self when one works, together with a large enough number of like minded people.
        2. We as a planet must see that though tradition can keep us in touch with who we are and where we are from, It hinders our ability to become who we need to be, and how we go about things.
        3. I feel that helping 3rd world countries lift out of poverty and learn how to live as some of us do, should they wish it.
        4. We must work toward providing equal rights among all ethnicities, sexes, sexual orientations, financial denominations, and religious beliefs. (that means not subjugating others for their differences from ourselves)
        5. Money must be seen as a resource and not an essential thing. Though money is a great thing to have, but we are so caught up in having it that we forget what having so much of it is good for.
        6. There are so many more. but these are great places to begin imo.
        • Apr 25 2012: Hi Harvey.
          Sorry for replying so late...
          My recent study discipline is culture, I think it's related to your first two main points. Here are some personal analyses. A group pf people share the same culture, they don't want to be isolated with others, therefore, they automatically will get close to the mainstream ideology. Individual is likely to worried about his/her mind is not approperate enough, or he/she is too outstanding even against others especially who has higher position than you in some points, you will be not admitted by others. So, many times we have the ability to improve something, but we did not put our minds into effect. It's too arduous to tacke human nature of pursuing group safety.

          In terms of the third and fourth points. I totally agree with you that equal rights should be given to everyone in the world, regardless different gender, races, classes and more. In essence, we are the same. As you mentioned, we should give hand to the 3rd world, we should admit everyone is the same. I come from the 3rd world, so I cannot be too glad to see you concentrate on these.

          Regarding money, I'm curious about this part. May I ask how much money is enough for an individual in your mind? Maybe not the exact number, just choose the criterion you like to describe.

      • Apr 25 2012: Speed is no worry in my mind.
        What I mean by no self in work is we as human beings have seamlessly figured that wanting more than we need is an appropriate mental condition that we can neglect it's negative aspects like they do not exist. What I mean is that when over large areas people will knowingly work together for a goal to help others rather than look to get something for themselves.

        In regards to money, let me better explain my meaning, everyone should be able to acquire the quantity of any resource they need to survive. period. I feel that money, too, is one of these resources. It should not be an incentive to diversify the people of a nation breeding contempt and disrespect in the minds of the less fortunate. I feel that if money took on the form of a resource like currency which could only provide for essentials such are living, utilities, food, fuel, things of that sort, and everyone were allowed the opportunity to make what they need to get by in the world. as well as having a second form of currency in which we use for vain things, materialistic things, going out buying a car, buying things for ourselves. this second form of money if the only money that can be used for the nicer things, there is no exchange rate in between the 2. #2 can be used for #1 but #1 cannot be used for #2 or else the system is useless.

        It saddens me when I do think about such things for great periods of time because I feel that there are far to beings with the ideologies or openmindedness required to make something like this happen. I am truly banking on what the future has in store for how I can go about manipulating this horribly broken system we call the world and mold it into something better, with the help of the people of the world that is. hopefully =)
        • Apr 26 2012: These two points are that all humanity should consider serious.

          Regarding second point, I have some viewpoints from other angles. You mentioned that money to afford necessary is fair enough. It's human nature to pursue better life, a person want more than he/she already get, sometimes, is the main motivation of working harder. Even it's the basis of the devepment of society. And the definition of necessary is vary from class to class, even the necessary also have sumptuous brand. Simplicity is the best, but I's not sure it is a kind of backwardness or development. What's your opinion?
      • Apr 26 2012: That is the way it is, I feel that we should remove that aspect, yes we should seek to better our lives, but only to a point that's needed. We don't all need to be CEO's just as we can't all work at McDonalds. I just feel that we push too hardly for a better life, so hard the we easily forget many of the consequences and repercussions of that vigorous pursuit. We rely on the excuse "We are only human beings" far too much, In fact that is the most counterproductive statement we could choose to use to excuse ourselves. Human nature has lead to becoming the first genetic variation to leave the confines of this planet. we are one of it not the only species that defied the biology we were granted to pursuit things that only other species could do, deep sea exploration, underwater breathing, 0g flight within the atmosphere. We can replicate the very process our sun has used for billions of year to provide light, warmth, and energy for not only ourselves but every object within the confines of our sun's gravitational reach. We have placed looking glasses into our orbit to better let us gaze to the edges of our horizon. Yes, it may be human nature, but human nature is the most powerful force of innovation, compassion, and selflessness we have seen. Though it can be easily used to the wrong reasons, it is within our order, within our species we must limit our imprint upon everything else. This planet it not ours, we are simply renting an apartment and thing every other tenant should pay us rent. =) In time I see this changing drastically
        • Apr 27 2012: Yes, things change too fast that people almost forget the simplest essences. The earth is not ours, it forever belongs to the next generation, not only human but also plants and animals. As for human nature, it's double sided. Humanity confront different situation with different reaction with present different nature. Even in the ancient world, the ansectors of us (the apes)will kill the group members to get higher position although sometimes if not, they had to die. In another case, parents are selfless to their kids. These all are human nature.

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