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Is Morality Valid?

Is Morality Valid?
Premise One:
No community or human being would act in a way that is contrary to their established morals unless under distress or coercion. (Argue if you disagree).
Premise Two:
Societies and religions have different morals. Cannibalistic societies obviously have no moral apprehension towards eating people. However, there are vegetarian cultures that preach non-violence. (Argue if you disagree)
Assuming Premises One and Two are valid, then morals are subjective to the culture.

So, if the morals are subjective, are they valid?
And if not, then what should laws be based on?

Most believe murder is wrong, but there are some who don’t. For those who believe that murder is acceptable in earnest, are they less moral?

I for one do not believe that they are morally correct, but I don’t feel that they are morally invalid if morals are valid.

Just looking for thoughts on this subject.


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  • Apr 21 2012: Would you have a problem with me hitting you on the head with a hammer? I'm sure you would. Therefore you know that anyone that you want to hit on the head with a hammer will have a problem with it. Therefore we know that it is wrong to hit each other on the head with a hammer. It's subjective, because it's self protection. We have rules to keep up from doing things to each other that we know that we would not want done to us. We call those rules morals. Morals is another word for safety. As long as we have morals, we are safe.
    • Apr 21 2012: Is there no room for love and mercy in developing morals? Morals may be considered a measure of harmony with the Mysterious One. The more we personally learn and accept and also give to others, the higher we move in morals. This includes everything in life; not just sex or money.

      "Morals is another word for safety." Very good observation you have. The more we move to higher morals the greater potential for safety. Love is a great safety valve. True freedom to move about, think, learn, and enjoy life is achieved through love and high morals. It is more than mere logic.

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      Apr 21 2012: Okay, but take for example honor killings.
      For a long time through history, society did not see this as an immoral activity. Even though it clearly caused harm to the individual and their families.

      Or, why do some nations believe that the death penalty is moral and other do not?
      Are they equally valid in a moral understanding or not?

      I want to note that I believe in non-violence, but I am just trying to understand the reasoning behind why groups have different morals.

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