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Would you translate (or spread) a TED talk if you didn't agree with it's topic or the speaker's point of view?

I think, I've said it all in the title.

Would you translate a TED talk even if you did not agree with it? Do you think that people will feel you agree if they see your name written next to it?

Would you be willing to spread ideas, even if you did not agree with them?

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  • May 16 2012: I do frequently if i think the view is well stated and interesting. I have enjoyed talks that are different than my prospective in dramatic ways, and I think help us to see the world better even if I don't agree with all or perhaps any of the content.

    Translating I can see a legitimate issue on the other hand and if I spoke a second language well enough I would have more difficulty feeling I was doing the translation justice if I either didn't understand the speaker or did not come from similar prospective. The better I think I understand the case being made the more I would be tempted to translate even if I disagree with view.

    If it was a political leader I would also be more tempted to attempt a translation. What's in their head matters more as they have realistic and direct power.

    Final point I think it has more to do with your respect of the speaker than your agreement.

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