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Would you translate (or spread) a TED talk if you didn't agree with it's topic or the speaker's point of view?

I think, I've said it all in the title.

Would you translate a TED talk even if you did not agree with it? Do you think that people will feel you agree if they see your name written next to it?

Would you be willing to spread ideas, even if you did not agree with them?

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  • May 4 2012: Absolutely YES for what dose politics do in general? We see a point then we argue it and come to a conclusion. No wonder this world looks like a hole big dictatorship full of trolls to squash anything not in-tunes with the powers that spread such nonsense in my point of view of course. To think ones own thoughts are correct without fully understanding where how what when the person persons it came from In any manner is to deny yourself of understanding therefore doing both the world and self injustice. If I say I am in pain then believe me I am in pain. just because someone says well I am not dose not take away that persons pain in realty. I tend to stick with you are right before I but in this instance of said topic I find the thoughts disturbing on a personal basis. Maybe at 36 years of age I still have not had enough brainwashing but hay who am I anyway! Evolving times change minds? Well in 2000 years I only se backward steps with everyone thinking they are somewhat separated to the rest! This may be truer these days than ever before. Can you see a problem?

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