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Would you translate (or spread) a TED talk if you didn't agree with it's topic or the speaker's point of view?

I think, I've said it all in the title.

Would you translate a TED talk even if you did not agree with it? Do you think that people will feel you agree if they see your name written next to it?

Would you be willing to spread ideas, even if you did not agree with them?

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    Apr 22 2012: I believe a translator should convey the message as faithfully as possible. Your emotions should be put aside and if you can't, you better leave the talk to someone else. Take this as an example... if you are a believer, would you translate the talk of an atheist and respect his/her opinions? If the answer is no, then you should not do it. The other way round is also true. If you are an atheist and you are asked to translate the talk of a believer you might not be using the right words or style, you might not have the same sensibility especially when there are certain nuances at play... But as you said, translating is so important and should not be taken lightly... by the way, thanks for this great conversation... indeed an idea worth spreading :)
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      Apr 22 2012: Hi Paola, thank you for participating.

      You ask whether a believer can respect the talk of an atheist and vice versa. To tell you the truth I don't see why not, but even before that, a translator should respect the language and the viewer.

      On the other hand, let's say I am an atheist and I want to criticize the talk of a believer with my fellow countrymen. Don't you think I should do my best to convey the speaker's message in order to argue upon it?
      This is how I see it: In order to disagree with something I am translating, I need to translate it as best as possible and then express my point of view against it.
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        Apr 22 2012: If you want to translate a talk - but please keep in mind that you should be as faithful and loyal as possible to the speaker when you do that - and then comment on it and express a different view, of course you can... I would do it. But when I translate I always try to put my emotions aside... it's a good exercise anyway and a way to learn to respect others' opinions and views.

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