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Do you know any, humanitarianly engaged societies whom study/considder/help develop humanitarian ideas/solutions? (For contact.)


I have been busy developing a great humanitarian idea I had. It is now crucially time I find comprehensable readers whom test my humanitarian 'Solution/Invention' if it does not reveal serious problems I did not solve or not (universally) license my invention against.

I can say, that any bright mind would start to devote its time and thoughts for my, historic major attempting idea and my elaboration, but also to show me some affection.

The basic idea I had was to create a very exclusive unique priviledged humanitarian bank(and managing/moralizing fund) what has 1 account of itselve. On this account it can put a figur and so determine the amount of money on its account. Where with it can finance right 'humanitarian' purposes/plans of approach.
The fund of the bank is the most important. Because the fund must license in order to fund. License according to rules and demands the field works must represent in their favor. Rules like it's financial influence may not create financial/materialistic, nor global/local problems. Also, the purposes must deeply humanitarian reactions to humanitarian problems, also the fund and bank decides what not with the money.
I also handled to invent a concept against fin. sub-motivations, corruptions, etc.

While I elaborated aspects of my idea, I have always tryed to get attention of individuals, organisations, political offices, literary agencies, press and TV, but for an unexplainable reason they have all ignored me and mine, and obviously have not been understanding my list of potential results, and thus must have been probably collectively denying me, mine, and the intellectual states/reality I sended as alone siticen, denying me to get atleast some realistic, upbuilding, comforting or prodessional reaction. For me and to atleast show to be very interested in wether the idea and givens I gathered were and are good as they seem?

Can you mention me where I might have a chance for it to finally get the attention mine diserves?

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    Apr 20 2012: Your idea is brilliant because it gives birth to a way where people will interact and use resources instead of money, it may be an alternative to a moneyless system.

    Don't be offended by the ones that will comment against this, companies or media - even if this is a good idea they are the defenders of the status quo and they will not help you in any way.

    Humanity needs a way to exchange resources outside the current system. This system has to be transparent and incorruptible and it has to be connected to our way of life but to tend to the future way of life of humans.

    When internet was invented, even if it was a brilliant idea to connect and engage people, no business or rich people wanted to invest in it because it was free.

    But now you have the potential to reach other people in seconds :)
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    Apr 20 2012: I wouldn't know. Personally I think there are not enough forums/platforms to share our ideas on the internet and gather support.

    You started of wrong by talking to the wrong kind of people, they are and never will be interested unless they can profit from it in some way. Most companies, whether media or not, don't focus on these ideas. Why should they? Most them are horrible and most of the good ones are the result of action rather than speculation.

    Such a "cooperative" (I presume) humanitarian bank is in what way going to be different in respect to a foundation? Just the money making part I guess. So what you're basically trying to do is create a system against corruption, within a system of corruption based on the idea of corruption and greed? Instead of a bank the closest you might come is a philanthropic entrepreneur, but for that you need money.

    On another note, you do not deserve any attention. I do not mean to sound cruel, but you do not have any right to this. Because if everyone deserved attention then we would spend an eternity talking to each other. Instead of deserving attention, what you should do is demand respect for your actions. A lot more effective and gratifying I would say.
    • Apr 20 2012: I wrote a reaction to your criticism on the attention part. I did not mean that way and never did want to get the historical attention it got myselve historicly surely into. You know its not just this idea/invention, but many more. And theoretic humanitarian beauty what suits my comforting carreer being an Author.

      Anyways you might wonna look for my reaction..I also want to mention good attention is healthy and improves the quality of the project.
      I guess you were quiete very convinced I should not lobby for attention I diserve, well, I think being an Author is quiete a calming priviledge cause humanity has a exclusive humanitarianly solving Author to respect the luck, tallent and truth from..because I'm inventually gonna be even more very respected, if we're so lucky, harmers change significantly by the qualities in my books I recently finnished ..

      Basicly I recognised it as a mistake I wrote, and I was also thinking I ment the project and my elaboration needs you mention, we should be able to get attention and perhaps support from one or more influencial humanitarian societies, for attempting humanitarian solutions we create.
  • Apr 27 2012: I have had luck with myselve, I suddenly thought to search google for volunteers, and do you know what I found: Humanitarian volunteer managers sites. I wrote a groovy Email am am this time expecting to be on the right adress.
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    Apr 20 2012: If I were you, I would first look at humanitarian organizations and foundations that do something like what you are describing. Make sure you understand what is different about what you are proposing. There are many foundations devoted to funding humanitarian projects.
    I think people are more likely to listen to you if you seem knowledgable about the well-functioning organizations out there and what your idea can add to that mix.
  • Apr 20 2012: I was just reading my explanation and noticed the last sentence is in contradiction with my statement on my personal life to the broad public is invited to the work's historical happening, but is not allowed allover me, and i wanting privacy and discretion, and that I am only I but not the least, and that people should sometimes recognise my failing persue. But about no money is for now certainly not an option. Sorry for the mistake according to my attention rules to its public and mine.