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TEDx Open Translation Project

A majority of TEDxTalks is on YouTube, in addition, we can't translate to foreign language. Administrators of should upload videos from TEDx to TED's servers to enable translation of TEDxTalks. If not, we will create a TEDx YouTube Channel and we will add transcripts to clips. What do you think about it?

  • Apr 21 2012: A lot of revision would be necesary,many tedx talks lack the 'wow' factor that makes all of us love ted. Remember that there are many ted talks that are never uploaded to the site because of that... but I really like the idea.
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      Apr 21 2012: I guess Ted is trying to be considerate of peoples feelings?
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    Apr 21 2012: I like it. =)
  • Apr 21 2012: Sounds awesome!
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    Apr 21 2012: Thanks for your comments. I expand my idea: First, TEDxTranslators will vote which TEDxTalks is worth translating. Second, some translators will write transcripts in english. Third, the rest of translators will translate to your native language. What would you like to add?