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What's one lesson you find super compelling?

If you could put a megaphone to the ears of the world for just 5 mintues, what's the one lesson you would teach. It doesn't have to be serious, but it can be. It doesn't have to be about math, science, literature, or history, but it can be. It just needs to capture the minds of your audience.


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  • Apr 21 2012: Laugh
    When in doubt - laugh
    When in stress - laugh
    When in love - laugh
    Laugh to start your day
    Laugh to finish your day
    Laughter really is the best medicine
    Share it freely with yourself and with others
    Laugh from your very core
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      Apr 21 2012: I found out personally, when you laugh if someone asks you "did you do it?" they think you did it.....but otherwise yes! =D
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        Apr 21 2012: AAh, that is probably because they saw this TED talk:


        If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recomment it. (I'm not lying, I'm speaking with a serious face)
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          Apr 21 2012: OMG! Mary, I love that talk! It is on my list of favorite talks, but I favorite many videos. =P
      • Apr 21 2012: Thx Mary M - I'll have a listen to Pamela Meyer's talk - thanks!

        Derek - LOL! In all honesty though, if laughter was your intuitive response to the question, are you really concerned if they think you did it?! !)
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          Apr 21 2012: You are welcome Pamela....I have seen it twice.....then I had to stop, because you can get carried away, and start seeing signals in people and then distrust everybody.......but it's still a great talk.
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          Apr 21 2012: I happen to laugh when I'm super nervous, and I laugh at many things, but not always for reasons that other people think of. Maybe my brain is wired differently?
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          Apr 21 2012: Derek,
          Your brain is wired perfectly....in my humble perception!

          Laughing is often a nervous reaction, and you've already recognized that in yourself. It could be an opportunity to get information about yourself. Next time it happens, take a quiet moment to ask yourself what you are nervous about:>)
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        Apr 21 2012: Speaking from personal experience as a teacher, I have always noticed that boys laugh alot out of nervousness and not because they did anything wrong.

        I don't like to see this behavior in adults, because it makes me suspicious......also, it tells me they are not mature.......well, that is my opinion.......but that's me.

        While I love humor, there is a place and a time for everything. Sometimes though we just have to give people the benefit of the doubt.....understanding that laughter can be a result of being nervous helps us to do so. Thanks for sharing Derek.

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