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Do you have hope?

I worked with many mid teen to early twenty year olds and asked this question... the answers were sometimes extremely difficult to hear but also completely understandable. What do you have.... hope? Hope for what? Or why little or none?

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    May 19 2012: Most people have hope, even if they dont know.
    I have hope. Whatever one is doing in the world is usually done with an expected end in mind; we act because we are certain of the power of our deeds to make a difference, no matter how insignificant it is. That is hope. A person who is alive and is making efforts to change is hopeful, even if he/she is not enthusiastic.
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    May 12 2012: I do have hope. Hope for a better future. Hope that my family will always be safe. General hope that everything will be okay! I only hope for the good things as I think hope for bad things for other people is pointless and heartless!
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    May 1 2012: @Random Chance, For me it is part mind control... as in controlling how I talk to my self about my errors.. And it is part controlling what I pay attention to. Some of it is in my refusal to become attached to any one particular out-come in a situation (giving up control of the out -come perhaps). Faith is involved also but as a choice to see the good and actively LOOK for the good in any situation; rather than the intentional obtuseness (obtusity?) used by many folks in the USA. ie: I know guys who were in jail and the only thing they could think of was the loss of what had been "taken" from them (freedom, family, possessions, etc.). I also know guys who were in jail who chose to look at it as a respite from the pressures of daily life that gave them the gift of having time to study their recovery process.
    After re-reading your "I know this:" I think we may be describing the same thing, I just use faith and hope as a convenient and easily understood way of describing my beliefs.
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    Apr 29 2012: Hope, like Faith, is a choice. The choice to have hope (or faith) stems from YOUR DECISION, not from you circumstances. The way to control that choice is to control what you put into (or feed) your head.
    • Apr 30 2012: HI.
      When you say, "The way to control that choice....", do you mean you then solely control the outcome as well?
      Would that mean faith and/or choice are not really necessary or relevant then?

      It is all a matter of controlling what you "feed your head" and then it will just happen?
      There is really no hope involved, no faith either, but simple mind-control or will?

      Hope as I understand it really means "not knowing". Why do I say this? Well, look at the act itself.

      Why does one hope?
      Because one doesn't know and they really don't know whether or not what they hope for, will happen or not happen.
      Likewise, what they hope "won't happen", that too, they have no idea what the outcome will be.

      Faith? Faith is really not wanting to know the truth or have to do anything other than just have faith.
      Then it is just blind. Useless most of the time.
      Faith for what? That things will be all right?

      I know this:
      Don't worry. Something good will happen.
      If it doesn't, don't worry. Something bad will happen.
      How are you in either case? This, then is knowing, regardless of what happens or doesn't happen.

      You don't know the "out-come" but you will
      "come-out" the other side.

      There is no hope. There is no faith. There is knowing and that is as it should be, me thinks, at least for me.
  • Apr 27 2012: Hope isn't real.
    By definition.

    I believe it is most likely the most commonly believed in concept in the world and it is false.
    Therein lies a real problem. The fact that so many humans absolutely worship believing in lies and falsehoods, neurosis as it were, as opposed to wanting, needing and relying on the truth.

    Many whom I have asked, if they believe in God have answered, "Yeah, I hope there is." That is a claim of not really believing, though they don't see it. My understanding is that nothing is done or accomplished by hope. One has to DO SOMETHING in the form of action.

    Once one does that they leave hope behind, where it should be.
    An acquaintance of mine, stressing about the perfect job he had found, applied for and was now waiting to hear whether or not he got it, kept using the word hope. "I hope I get it." That sort of thing. It became all he could think or talk about. I suggested he let go of hope for freedom, a sense of peace, and to be open to the truth and he snapped at me (as most do), "NEVER LET GO OF HOPE! NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!" He though it a ludicrous idea at best and was angry with me.

    One month later, I saw him, asked about the job and he replied, "Oh, I gave up hope on that." And he was at peace with whatever happened. He found another job just as good, by the way. I didn't mention our past conversation but he definitely found peace when he gave up hope, because hope is false.

    If anything, there is a path of progression that I have found.
    In the beginning, there is a tiny bit of hope, that something might work.
    But, action is required and many times leads to something called "faith", but even faith has to transform, or else it becomes totally blind, and as useless as hope.
    Faith has to transform into "knowing". For those who do believe in a God, this seems to me to be identical to what those so-called "atheists" believe in. They believe in what they know.

    So, I am not an atheist. I call myself a "faitheist". I believe in what I know.
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    Apr 26 2012: I do. My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' Love and Righteousness. It is a sure Hope offered to all as part of the Biblical Gospel. Very good question Ms. Lennings, thank you.
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    Apr 25 2012: For as long as I breath and I live, I have hope....
    At this moment I might be in a very difficult situation,
    But I believe, because I have hope, that in a little while I'll be better"

    Problems or Difficulty is part of our daily lives,
    Solutions as well, always exists, sometimes its not that kind of solution that we expect
    but later on we'll realized it is already the solution to our problem

    I simply believe that for as long as we live, as long as we breath...
    Things are moving, situations happens at the moment it might not favor us
    but later on the world will favor us .... the hope that we are longing for....
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    Apr 22 2012: "Hope springs eternal in the hearts of men." Even if you can articulate it, you've got it. It maybe in short supply at times, but like oxygen you can't live without it.
    The challenge is to find it, water it and grow it.
  • Apr 22 2012: if you really want to live it means you have to have a hope
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    R H

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    Apr 22 2012: Hope is 'to look forward with desire and reasonable confidence', according to one definition. So the 'debate' is: Do I have hope? Well, I desire world peace, but that is unlikely so it is therefore unreasonable and therefore I cannot 'hope' for it. I desire unselfish love without compromise, full of joy and peace - also unlikely in these days so I cannot hope for that. I desire perfect regard, harmony, and collaberation among all people everywhere - not gonna happen any time soon so no hope there. I also desire a robust fresh-brewed cup of dark coffee in the morning. Now that is very likely. I guess that's all I can hope for.
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    Apr 21 2012: Hope let you move forward though obstacles forbid you!!
    so i think hope is the primary remedy for fear!!
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    Apr 21 2012: There's always hope.
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    Apr 21 2012: The current popular concept of what HOPE is has created/supported a sense of helplessness within many people. HOPE without a partnered sustained action will result in no or even negative results. When a person only thinks HOPE the result will only be HOPE. No improvement, betterment or advancement of a cause will result.
    I have taken the conscious mental step to use HOPE as the label for a detailed plan of action. I then take this HOPE plan and act on it with focus until completion. The results are not always successful, but I have now gained much more at the end of the day than just a wishful HOPE. Cheers!
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    Apr 20 2012: I am hopeful about so many things. There are so many talented and resourceful people and organizations looking for ways to solve truly pressing problems and to make life better. Their activity and determination give me hope.
    I think there is increasing interest also in getting people engaged in helping to find solutions for their own problems and problems in their communities.
    I think it would be highly productive if you were to get these teen and twenty-somethings involved in activities in which they see themselves making a difference for others. There is probably no better way of giving people hope than that.
  • Apr 20 2012: Hi Sonia

    Hope is a good thing, and no good thing ever die

    I do have hope - many of them
    The hope keeps me alive and makes me to get up in the mornings

    I hope for blue shy and green lights :-)

    Peace and love