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If a person atempts suicide and escapes, should he / she be punished?

In our society, when a person attempts suicide and fortunately (or unfortunately) survives, he / she is made to go through a more mentally exhausting conviction and punishment.
In my personal opinion, that person has lost the will to live and requires some counselling in order to rebuilt his / her faith in "life". Making them go through the exhaustive judicial process and presenting them as criminals is not a good idea.


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    May 13 2012: Thank you for presenting this question.

    I am a failed attempt survivor and I was horribly punished by the system afterwards. But never once in the months that followed did anyone, not the counselors, doctors, fellow patients or family members ask me "Why" or address what happened. They were all too eager to lock me up, strap me down, give me pills, transport me in police cars, appear in court to make me sign an agreement with the Judge promising that I wouldn't do it again, put me on probation and above all not talk about it.

    I am still traumatized by the events that are standard procedure in my state after a failed attempt. The responding legal process magnified the shame and marginalized me even further. It has been only my fear of surviving another attempt that has kept me alive.

    I am determined that another attempt will leave no room for error and my advice to others is a warning that suicide survivors are treated as criminals.

    Death is NOT the worst thing that can happen.
    • May 14 2012: This is exactly my point. The explanation coming from someone who has experienced the wrath of the judicial system first hand. The kind of psychological torture the person goes through is simply ridiculous.

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