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If a person atempts suicide and escapes, should he / she be punished?

In our society, when a person attempts suicide and fortunately (or unfortunately) survives, he / she is made to go through a more mentally exhausting conviction and punishment.
In my personal opinion, that person has lost the will to live and requires some counselling in order to rebuilt his / her faith in "life". Making them go through the exhaustive judicial process and presenting them as criminals is not a good idea.


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    Apr 22 2012: No matter where Ankit, just left behind, assuming that when you die you go forward.
    • Apr 23 2012: When you die, you go forward??????
      There is something you need to know....when you die, you're DEAD..!!
      Worm food...that's it...!!
      We are talking about people who have survived suicide attempts. It has to do with their psychologies and mental state and let me make it clear....this has NOTHING to do with GOD or any other religious theories.
      If you want to talk about people who have moved forward or left behind...please start off your own religious conversations...There seems to be no room for all that here.
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        Apr 24 2012: This is not a religious talk assuming that you will keep respect for any opinion. If is not the case i don't see why i will waste my time.
        In regards of going forward, backward or any direction, is a proven fact (scientific fact) that all things are not only matter, but also energy. And energy never gets destroyed but transformed.

        Why are you so mad at me?

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