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If a person atempts suicide and escapes, should he / she be punished?

In our society, when a person attempts suicide and fortunately (or unfortunately) survives, he / she is made to go through a more mentally exhausting conviction and punishment.
In my personal opinion, that person has lost the will to live and requires some counselling in order to rebuilt his / her faith in "life". Making them go through the exhaustive judicial process and presenting them as criminals is not a good idea.


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  • Apr 22 2012: No one can tell you how to live.
    And no one can tell you how to die.

    Those two things happen to be the same but you'll really have to personally research it yourself to understand what I mean.

    No, they shouldn't be punished.
    Help should always be available and even offered but what I really can't stand is how people will not only try and steal someone's life from them but also their death.

    People who believe in a God always want to play God! Why?
    If they believe in a God, why then do they think they can play God?

    We need to get rid of laws. They don't solve problems. They create more problems.
    The misery, suffering and difficulty of human lives serve as means to capitalize and profit from the suffering of human beings and then laws are made to prohibit them from escaping.

    Moral people are the most evil people in the world and create the most misery for others.
    • Apr 22 2012: You certainly can't get rid of the law and order. That is no solution.

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