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If a person atempts suicide and escapes, should he / she be punished?

In our society, when a person attempts suicide and fortunately (or unfortunately) survives, he / she is made to go through a more mentally exhausting conviction and punishment.
In my personal opinion, that person has lost the will to live and requires some counselling in order to rebuilt his / her faith in "life". Making them go through the exhaustive judicial process and presenting them as criminals is not a good idea.


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    Apr 20 2012: There is no legal master on your life then yourself. The legal punish for trains to kill yourself is inherit from a feudalistic slavery system where the slave master had to be sure he is not loosing his livestock because of the bad treatment.

    Mostly since the slave was successful in his attempt, the family (if any) will support the penalty, like starvation or beatings.
    Since no human has the right on life or death (only tirans believe they do) this matter is a personal choice.

    Moreover, from religious point of view (from where the current law penalty question arise) is punishing the suicidal with the fact that he/she will not have a proper religious service at the funeral. Is this just the situation i was talking with the slave master.

    Religiously, is you kill yourself, you will not go to Heaven - what if you kill yourself to save others? but this is a logical argument that has nothing to do with religion.

    Humans, protect your life, protect your liberty to choose on your life and your own death.
    • Apr 21 2012: Our topic focuses on suicide attempts.
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        Apr 21 2012: So only the survive scenarios are permitted? What about the ones that are left behind?

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