Prasil Koirala

Student , Rato Bangala School

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Don't you think that Information Sharing on the Internet is not sufficient with the Old Concept "Web Pages"

Internet is mostly about Sharing information through Web Pages. Can we develop something that provides information more quickly and effectively than "Web Pages". Can we get rid of it?

Your Comment is appreciated

  • Apr 20 2012: Web Pages are but a front end. Many today are very dynamic, and standards have moved a lot to allow for a better and faster delivery of information. But trends are also towards presenting the information in an attractive way. I guess these two should not be in conflict, but I find that often they are.

    Anyway, web pages are not some static stuff any more, programs and interfaces exist that look like web pages, but can extract and summarize information, others where you can type questions and get some answer (hopefully), et cetera. If you visited the www consortia and such you might learn a thing or two about ideas and developments. Web pages are not what they used to be, but an equilibrium, well, I doubt that we will find some equilibrium, but what you worry about is happening. Only it is not the entire web. We are doomed to find all kinds of pages. Machines that change and manipulate the information to deliver it in better and faster ways will live together with static and slow pages. Google is very powerful, and other such machines are out there doing this kind of shit.