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Is there a simple remedy to counter depression

I have Primary Progressive MS. There is no cure, not even any medical treatment. In spite of trying a ton of off label stuff so far progression has been unstoppable. I have lost the use of my legs, I am in chronic pain, my hands and abdominals are failing, I am now extremely temperature sensitive and more, modesty forbids I discuss.

Yet, I am happy. When the darkness comes and it does, I ask myself "Do you like it here?" I can now scape those unwanted emotions off in hours. I lost my beloved volley ball, running and biking but best not to hang on. There is always a better place than depression. My mantra is "Next".

My idea is try using KISS.

I concede we all need love and attention to help us along but if you are short just go to an old age home and ask if some one wants a game of checkers. Faces of people with amazing stories to tell will alight.

Faith, professionals, books etc. can all be great but my contention is there is no need for complexity here.


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