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What is the best thing you've ever done in life?

Given birth to a child? Saved someone's life? Held a TED talk?

Share your thoughts....

  • Apr 19 2012: Hi Ecaterina

    The best thing? - I don't know if I have ever done such thing.
    What is the best thing? - I don't know either.

    Well, the unforgettable thing that I have done was during a search party.
    few years ago a friend of mine got a phone call from another friend asking to help them to organize a search party. Happened that his friend's family lost their autistic child in the mountains of Sierra Nevada (Granada, Spain). No time to loose but to be there for friends, especially for the child.

    We went to meet them, on a way, I made my friend to stop the car and I started my own search, investigating the area. (what Army taught me was some Search Techniques)
    Within a n house or so, I found the child. and at that moment all I had to do is to let my friend to call his friends and tell them, that we got him.

    I haven't got a child yet but that moment taught what it feels like having a child (and having him lost)

    PS: I was trilling while I was typing just like it happened when I saw him. :-)
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      Apr 19 2012: Awesome.

      These search techniques you mention. Pleas tell me a little more.
      • Apr 20 2012: Hi Pat

        I am glad that you are interested in these techniques, but I got to tell you something which is: They also taught us not to talk about Military Secrets. :-) (they were very angry people, I didn't like them)

        Well, if you like hunting, you might have got an idea of how to get orientated in woods. Some techniques are similar to hunters, but the thing that differs is that hunters look for animals and solders look for humans.

        Say your are in woods for hunting, you might start to concentrate (program) your mind on animals.
        what you looking for is certain acts that animal can make. so your brain eye sees only animals and deletes the rest.
        but when you are in woods for searching some one, you start to program your brain on man's actions. Imagine an man is lost in woods, what would he do first? most probably make a fire. (to be seen or to be warm) and you might start to look for ashes or something like that.

        I love hiking in mountains, sometimes I see stones on top each other (I don't know why)
        but I am sure that an animal wouldn't do that, this kind of act gives me signal that a man has been here before me. or their names on a stone with the date. (I leave it too "just in case")

        above all, the very and most important thing is to be able to put yourself in the shoes of the person who is lost and think what they would do if you were them.
        Many people think we are different,- we think differently, we act differently. (I agree with them)
        but in mean time we are the same. we are humans. we can think the same thing, we can act the same way.

        In this particular case, I put myself in the shoes of this child. what can a child do in mountains being lost? - Cry or shout (if he is alive): We met someone who was looking for the child with his motorcycle. (he couldn't hear a thing) .as he was an autistic child (I have no experience with them) I thought he might be playing with some little animals as there were some old and empty farm houses on the way, but no sign of him.
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    May 2 2012: Hi Ecaterina, thank you for this question!

    Like many parents, I will say that looking into the gaze of my children the moment they were born, and also to see them slowly turn from babies into persons i could have a conversation with, has been the most amazing thing that ever happened to me.

    Now, i cannot claim this is something I have done, so I will give a different example.

    Probably the best thing that i have ever done in life is to consider my present always a transitory state. Wonders are still ahead and they will always build on the good things that have already past.

    Without taking away the deep enjoyment of each day, it helps me, at the end of it, detach in search of what tomorrow may have in store

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    May 1 2012: I found the perfect woman,Really! Been married for 41 years and my heart still races when she walks into the room.
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    Apr 26 2012: Had kids...brought them up the hard way...watched them grow into fantastic people...there's no beating that satisfaction.
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    R H

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    Apr 24 2012: Found out who I really was.
  • Apr 23 2012: to be with the person i love
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    Apr 22 2012: i don't remember the best possible things that i have done so far in my life!
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    Apr 21 2012: Left that job. It was never a right fit. Sometimes you learn a lot more when things DON'T go well then when things go perfectly.
  • Apr 20 2012: Becoming a mother and now a grandmother are the best things I have ever done
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    Apr 19 2012: How come "holding a TED talk" can be an option , when other options are "saving life" and "giving birth a child" ?
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    Apr 19 2012: Trite, I know, but it's the kids.
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    Apr 19 2012: I met her
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    Apr 19 2012: Shared my thoughts / which could bring joy to so many people.