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Do you believe in the Law of Attraction?

the law of attraction states that "like attracts like". This means that whatever you think about you attract into your life.

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    Apr 19 2012: What we focus on expands. With every single thought, we have the ability to change the energy vibration which moves through the body/mind.
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      Apr 21 2012: very true!!!really liked your explanation!!
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        May 8 2012: Thank you Chetan:>)

        Thank YOU also Kris Rosvold. I could not get a comment anywhere near yours to acknowledge your kind words. I am grateful for the feedback:>)
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    Apr 19 2012: If you smile the world will smile back at you. If you fear you will meet the object of that fear.
    What you acknowledge and hold true will become real.

    To give some insight:

  • Apr 19 2012: I reckon the millions of starving folks in this world would contest this concept based on their lived experiences. I'm sure they have all done their best to attract food to their bellies with thier thoughts, but with no luck.
  • Apr 19 2012: Just to be fair, and I know this may seem petty, but I think "theory" of attraction would be a better phrase. After all, if it were a "law" then there would be nothing to debate.
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      Apr 20 2012: Good point Von,
      I always thought the "Law of attraction" was considered one of the "Natural Law" theories, and because of your comment, I just did some exploration.

      It appears not to be considered part of "Natural Law" even though some of the root theories seem to go back to some of the same core beliefs. There seems to be some contradiction regarding what the "Law of Attraction" actually is, or what is the underlying cause. It also appears that the theory, law, or whatever we choose to call it, has been accepted for a long time:>)

      Are we debating the concept/idea/theory/law? Or are we debating what we choose to call it?

      Thanks for the motivation for me to explore...have fun with your own exploration:>)
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    Apr 19 2012: well its a bit more complicated than that... since they are thinking negatively it will reflect what happens to them. they think of hunger, they will become hungrier. they have bad frequencies in their minds so they will attract more bad things. For example, if you stub your toe in the morning you get in a bad mood. You're starting the day out in a bad mood, so what happens? More bad things happen that day because you are in a bad mood. and that bad mood will continue till you change your mood.
    • Apr 19 2012: Surely you are not suggesting that an issue like hunger is brought on by negative thinking on the part of the individual?

      I'm not discounting the merrit of positive/negative thinking. But to suggest major issues in life can be effectively solved by simply thinking positively and "attracting" good thoughts or whatever is naieve to say the least.
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        Apr 19 2012: Maybe not the individual but the mass population
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        Apr 20 2012: Hello McDonald Mark and Dilann:>)
        I don't think/feel that it is as directly connected as you suggest...at least in my experience and perception. When we use the energy that is "thought", not believing in ourself and our ability to have what we need in this world, it interfers with the creative energy that might provide a way to get what we need...like food, as you have used as an example.

        I think of a large group of boys who immigrated to this area quite some time ago. They were refered to as the "lost boys of Sudan". Their parents, relatives and friends were killed in the wars, and they were on their own to survive. Somehow, they banded together and foraged in the desert for many years, finding food, shelter, and whatever else they needed to survive. Each one of them could have thought...I have no food, water or shelter and I will die. Miraculously, that didn't happen because they all believed in something different. I'm sure it was unbelievably challenging for them, but they did it, and many of them are now here in the USA, college educated, and very productive, contributing adults in our communities. They had some choices...give up, or move on. They chose to move on.

        After a near fatal head/brain injury, I regained consciousness, which was not expected. My family and I were told I would never function "normally" again. If I had accepted the prognosis as my truth, and believed that I would never function again, I suspect I would NOT be functioning. What we focus on expands. I focused on the belief that I would function to the best of my ability, and here I am...functioning at a level much higher than ever expected.

        It's not simply a matter of "thinking" something and it will happen. It's a matter of focusing, with every cell of the body/mind, and that is when we allow the energy of creativity to enter the arena:>) Focusing on what is NOT happening as we prefer, takes up time, energy and space in our mind, so other ideas are not percieved.
        • Apr 22 2012: Hello to you Colleen

          Like I mentioned earlier, I don't discount the concept of positive thought/energy/whatever you want to call it. I don't think it's scientifically verifiable, but if I had to guess I would say there is some degree of truth to the concept in reality.

          My point is that it is intellectually dishonest to consider this concept to be "The Secret" to life as the commercially popular book suggests.

          Taking your personal story Colleen, remarkable as it is... you would concede that there have also been cases where victims of traumatic brain injury fail to live up to prognosis despite tremendous effort and positive energy on their own part and the part of their families.

          Life isn't that simple. We are all at the mercy of circumstance to one degree or another (despite our efforts to "attract" positive circumstances); the "birth lottery" is the easiest to comprehend example of this.

          With that all being said this concept is certainly not a harmful one to base a personal sense of spirituality over or follow as an existential "rule", if one is so inclined to.
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          Apr 29 2012: @ Colleen Steen
          Beautifully and precisely stated! Thank You.
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        Apr 22 2012: Hello to you MacDonald Mark:>)
        Yes, the fact that energy moves through our body/mind IS scientifically verifiable...do some research...check it out!

        I don't believe anyone on this discussion thread claims "this concept to be "The Secret" to life".

        What "commercially popular book" are you talking about?

        I think/feel it would be "intellectually dishonest" NOT to consider this topic question!

        I don't "concede" anything MacDonald Mark, except that we are all on our own path of discovery throughout the life experience, and there are, in fact, people who have many different reactions with TBIs.

        I'm not included in your perception of "we are all at the mercy of circustances" MacDonald Mark. I believe we have many choices within the context of our experiences. If you want to live with that perception, so be it.

        I don't necessarily percieve the topic as a "sense of spirituality", although it might be. It is a concept that has been accepted in the scientific world for a very long time:>)