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How do you move beyond why, when someone takes their own life? How do we get beyond the shame?

I wrote an open letter to my dad, my dear friends, those that have also been left to move forward. http://sparkignitefire.me/2012/02/14/open-letter-to-those-that-chose-that-moment/
It has had 1000's of reads in just over 2 months. This is a conversation that is desperate to happen.


Closing Statement from sarah boardman-miller

The gratitude I feel is almost overwhelming.
Thank you for being raw, able to be loved and sharing your hearts.
Let's continue the conversation.
I adore you.

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  • Apr 28 2012: Tina, please - if you can - get to a naturopath. They can find out why your brain isn't functioning right. It could be any number of things - allergies or sensitivities to all the junk in our air, food, water, what we wear, what we smear on our skin, the homes we live in; hypoglycemia; a systemic yeast infection; thyroid malfunction; a nutrient deficiency. There is all kinds of alternative health info on the internet and books like Nature's Prozac by Judith Sachs and Depression-Free, Naturally by Joan Mathews Larson (see her website).

    You are important to many people and the world, too. You shouldn't be suffering.

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