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How might we extend the pedagogical benefits of a site like the Khan Academy to Higher Education?

I feel there is a somewhat clear pathway for the application of internet learning using platforms like the Khan Academy in schools worldwide. I do however find it difficult to imagine how we would apply these ideas to higher education, particularly where higher levels of meta-cognition are required. How do you think this could be applied to more difficult analysis and synthesis of complex ideas? If more elements are required that could enable this to work, then what are they? Would higher education even benefit from such a system?

All ideas are welcome!


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    Mar 11 2011: Things I'd like to be added to Khan Academy are
    a better database classification by profession and practical tasks, so that particular actions were tied with knowledge they require.
    lessons on visual art, music, dancing, sports, games, programming, languages, humor, creativity, learning, storytelling.
    universal subjects correspondence so that learning one discipline vividly shown how it helps in other.

    also make learning look more like a game http://www.ted.com/talks/tom_chatfield_7_ways_games_reward_the_brain.html

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