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Is "Potential" overrated?

I believe "potential" is highly overrated. People trade on their potential as if it were an achievement - it's not. For more understanding on my perspective please read "The Myth of Potential"

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    Apr 19 2012: Is potential overrated? No.
    Do people think they have potential more often than they actually do? Yes.
    Is potential relative? Yes.
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    Apr 19 2012: A sense of great potential gives some people the courage to undertake challenging things and makes other people shy away from challenge. The typical approach now in a school setting, I think, is to discount the idea of any sort of differential potential among students and to concentrate on building the skills, strategies, and work habits that lead to satisfying achievement. (Or at least that has been my experience as an educator).
    I have not heard adults speak in terms of their potential other than the potential they believe their proposals may have for success in an endeavor or in the sense of affirming the well accepted idea that we all have potential. Potential in the way I believe you mean it is something I have mainly heard of in relation to children.
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    Apr 19 2012: It depends . Sometimes it is , sometimes it is not.
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    Apr 19 2012: Ah, yes, the old use of potential as a tool for flattering some and slightly insulting others. =)

    Did you know I have the potential to fly?!

    That was an exageration, but yes, we all have "potential", so let's all act and do.

    Thanks for reading my thoughts.
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    Apr 18 2012: I agree. We all have potential. Question for everyone is, do you know yourself well enough to know if you will be able to act on your potential. What challenges lie ahead that might move you off your path?

    Finding out what truly motivates you gives you the step beyond potential.
    Find out what you are made of. What works best for you. How do you work (business, life, etc)? What do you use to quiet the noise that happens in your head to slow progression.

    There is a shame that happens when you do not live up to your "potential". It's bunk and up to you.