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Asha de Vos

Marine Biologist, The University of California Santa Cruz


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Everything on this earth is so closely intertwined that when we drive a species to extinction, we are spelling our own demise.

As a biologist I study webs of things and this is something I strongly believe in. We think that just because something is not an immediate part of our day to day life, its destruction will have no impact on us as humans - but I don't think thats correct. I am keen to have lots of input on this idea and examples and thoughts :)


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    Apr 20 2012: I smell a TED-Ed talk here. Maybe something about food webs. Or, maybe a lesson about a species that is now extinct and how it affected the ecosystem. This is an incredibly important conversation...
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      Apr 22 2012: Thanks Jordan --
      Your snifflies are correct. I think its an incredibly important topic...I think the problem with humans is that we make ourselves the epi-center of everything....so we think that only what we do to ourselves is a problem. We forget that there is such a thing as a domino effect!

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