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I've heard that subliminal information is embedded (low light) in television programs. Does anyone know how this could be decoded?

I'd like to know whether this is actually going on and, if so, what is the information that is being "programmed" into our subconscious without our conscious knowledge. I was reminded of this while recently viewing an old John Carpenter movie called "They Live," where someone in the underground movement found some sunglasses that exposed subliminals that were influencing the population without their knowledge. I'm not talking about flashes of popcorn on the screen to get you to buy popcorn, but rather, a method using low intensity light and sound that is an entire background film to what one is watching. I'm wondering how this information could be unencrypted to determine what is being fed to us.

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    Jul 1 2011: TV has 24 frames per second - so you do not, cannot, 'slow it to milionth of a second.
    You can single step through the recording, as said above.

    Anyway - there is a long standing controversy about it working or not

    BUT says:

    1974 announcement by the FCC that subliminal techniques, "whether effective or not," were "contrary to the public interest," and that any station employing them risked losing its broadcast license.
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    Mar 17 2011: You can record the movie and examine it frame by frame.

    These examples look credible:
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    Mar 16 2011: The only thing that I am familiar with is the emotional stroop task which could be used in advertising. If it is the frames would have to be slowed to millionths of a second to determine if something is embedded.