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Increased dependency on Online-Social presence !

Increased dependency on Online-Social presence ! Is it more of a boon or more of a bane ? Pick one !!

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    Apr 18 2012: Which one you picked ?
    I feel it's BOON as you are using it right now. What's your opinion ?
    If you want a debate......"pick one" doesn't work really
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    Apr 21 2012: Boon and Bane - its a boon for people who know how to use it wisely. Its a Bane for folks who can't figure out privacy filters or how their social medial presence (or lack of presence) is perceived by other people.
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      Apr 21 2012: Robin

      Hi,could i ask a question?

      From you're experience with the social networks,Facebook and the others,what are they?are they evolving?Do they change fast or do individual tastemakers plant nodes and shift mass attention this way and that?Are they rich fields where possible future demogues can flourish?Do you see Facebook moving to primetime viewing in our lounge rooms as they have started offering movies and soon possibly live concert viewings?Are they in some ways a reflection of our ego's?

      I know this may sound like a lot of questions but they are an expansion of the first one, i just want to see what you think how things are shaping up from your viewpoint and possibly the short future of them.

  • Apr 19 2012: Mostly, BOON. I think it enhances our communication. For example, I have actually become closer with some family members who live far away, and feel that I am more a part of their lives because we can share family photos and experiences online more often than we can see each other in person. However, for some, it becomes a problem when the online experience REPLACES all the human interaction in their lives, or takes priority over their real lives. Then, I would suggest it becomes like any other addiction.
    It's also good for us introverts!! ;)
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    Apr 18 2012: It depends on how the online social experienced is used. TED is meant to share ideas and engage in meaningful conversation, which is good. But when children today can barely hold a face to face conversation and are severely lacking in social skills due to Facebook being the only form of contact they have, that is bad.

    Everything in moderation.
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    R H

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    Apr 18 2012: Boon. I would never have been able to communicate with you if not for online. I would not have been able to be exposed to the TED community of ideas and exchange if not for online. We would never be able to 'see' how many people around the globe truly want peace and prosperity for all if it were not for online. Online adds another dimension of relationship. Online discussion allows one to hone their ideas and thoughts before offering them to others, rather than just 'saying' something in like in face-to-face conversation - then regretting it, or thinking of something better to say later. Some people may be very 'open' online, but not so capable in face-to-face. Sure, there can be negative side effects. It has the potential to 'replace' direct contact with others for one. But the ubiquitious nature of online communication has, in my opinion, the makings of the method to save the world.
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    Apr 17 2012: A bit of both.

    I recently closed my facebook account.

    Too much timewasting, privacy concerns, career concerns.

    Now I waste my time on TED and actually learn things.